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October 2012

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Autumn is here.

October 28, 2012

Just a short blog post today, I just don’t seem to have the time recently to get round to blogging.

Autumn’s definitely my favourite time of year. The tree’s are all kinds of wonderful colours and everyone’s getting ready for Christmas.

I’m lucky enough to live near Cannock Chase, which is full of plenty of lovely places to go walking. We all went dog walking today, and I couldn’t resist taking my camera for a trip out to capture autumn at it’s finest.


We went to Nine Gates over the Chase, I don’t know if Nine Gates is it’s actual name, that’s just what I’ve always known it as.


This is my Nan’s dog, Bert, he’s soft as a brush and far more photogenic than a dog should be. While most dogs will run around at the sight of a camera, Bert’s happy to sit and pose.


This is my Mum’s dog Dylan, who we managed to get to stay still by dangling his toy in front of him.


And finally, these are some Red Cap mushrooms, or so I’m told by my Nan.

What’s your favourite season?

Quick update on the book front: I’m currently reading Steve Jobs biography, it’s a pretty hefty book and as I’m limited on time, it’s unlikely I’ll get to the end of it for a week yet, so hopefully I’ll have a review for you guys in the next week.