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January 2013

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2013 Genre Challenge

January 30, 2013

I’m guilty of sticking to a couple of genres and not really exploring or expanding into any other genres, so I decided to take the Genre Challenge. 

I found the Genre Challenge on Bookworms and Tea, although it’s from 2008, there’s no reason why I can’t do it in 2013 right? 

Throughout 2013, I’m going to read 12 books from different genres, I’ve listed the books I’m planning to read in each genre below.

Some of those genres look pretty similar on first glance, so if you need help here’s a list of genre definitions from Bookworms and Tea. I found this really useful when searching for a book for each genre, without it I think I may have got a couple of genres completely wrong. I’m most looking forward to reading Western Fiction as I’ve never read anything from this genre before.

Will you be joining me on my challenge? If so, which books will you be reading and which genre are you most excited to explore? 

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Rosie Reads: Spider Bones – Kathy Reichs

January 27, 2013


In my latest Rosie Reads, I review crime novel Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs.

I bought this book when it first came out nearly three years ago, however I couldn’t get past the first 100 pages. After two and a half years of it collecting dust, I decided to give it another go.

Spider Bones is about a Forensic Anthropologist called Temperance Brennan, which you may recognise from the TV series Bones, which is loosely based on the books.

At the beginning of the book Temperance is called out to a lake in Quebec where a body has been found. When they do a bit of digging (not literally) they discover that his identity matches the identity of a man who died in Vietnam.

The case leads her to Hawaii and she decides to take her daughter with her who has recently found out that her landlord / lover has died and Tempe seems to think taking her to Hawaii and ignoring her all week will perk her up. While in Hawaii she discovers there are three different bodies which have all been misidentified.

This isn’t the most interesting crime book I’ve ever read. I found the way it was written to be incredibly boring and at times tedious to read, especially with all the acronyms. I had to keep going back a few pages to remind myself what they meant.

I took a look at the GoodReads reviews for Spider Bones, and saw that a lot of people who’d read all the books in the series had also felt disappointed by this book. I have another one of her books, Fatal Voyage, on my shelf which I’ll probably read when I’ve got nothing else to read. I’m hoping that won’t be quite as disappointing.

I’ve you’ve read Spider Bones let me know what you thought.


Eight Things You Should To Take To A Gig

January 26, 2013

Plenty of Youtubers in action at a Green Day gig.

This is the follow on to ‘Seven Types of People You Don’t Want to Be Stood Next to at a Gig’ and lists 8 things you’ll want to take to a gig to combat the likes of the Youbtuber, the Stripper and the Space Invader. 

1 Sign announcing that you have contagious disease: This should stop the space invader from rubbing themselves on you, grinding up you and sharing their body fluids with you.

1 Bin bag: If your space invader friend can’t read, this will stop them sharing their bodily fluids with you.

1 Dust mask: This will stop you eating Rapunzel’s hair. To make doubly sure you don’t get someone else’s hair forced upon you, you may take protective glasses or goggles, like the kind you had to wear in Chemistry at school. Alternatively if you don’t want to wear a dust mask, you may take a packet of chewing gum and stick it in Rapunzel’s hair. It won’t help you at the time but you can sacrifice yourself to save other gig goers at future gigs.

1 Hard hat and a pair of steel-toe capped boots: This will keep you safe from the over the top behaviour of the Idiot and the Jumper.

1 Large cup of water: This can be used to be conveniently accidentally thrown over the Youtubers crappy phone. If that doesn’t render a Blackberry useless, take your hard hat off and beat the phone to bits. You can usually buy a cup of water for about £400 at a gig, so it’s probably better to take a large bottle of water with you and throw it over the Youtuber early on.

1 Crate: Very useful for seeing over the top of the head of the giant, or alternatively if they’re a BFG it will help you to climb onto their shoulders.

A bag of leeches: This should have The Stripper putting their clothes on fairly quickly!

Have you found anything else effective against the 7 Types of People You Don’t Want to be Stood Next to at a Gig?