Rosie Reads: daynight – Megan Thomason

daynight book cover

Recently I’ve been doing video book reviews, however since  the lighting in my room is so poor I can only really do it in front of the window with natural light coming in. This means I can only really record reviews at the weekends and my weekends have just been so busy lately, so this is going to be a typed up review. 

I saw daynight mentioned on YA Big Bookworm and I really couldn’t say no to a free dystopian book could I? 

When Kira Donovan signs up for a year long placement at the Second Chance Institute, she has no idea what she’s letting herself in for. She has second thoughts when her boyfriend and best friend seem annoyed that she’s going to leave them for a year. That is until all of her friends are killed in an explosion at a party, leaving Kira, her best friends brother, Blake, and a mysterious young man called Ethan as the only survivors.

Deciding life couldn’t get much worse Kira decides to go ahead and join the Second Chance Institute, joined by Blake who is on his own mission.

Kira and Blake travel to Earth’s sister planet, Thera, where everything is the complete opposite to earth. Where the is sea on Earth, there is land on Thera and daytime is night time. While writing this, I have just, literally just realised Thera is an anagram of ‘Earth’, clever huh?  I’m a little disappointed it took me this long to realise. 

Blake is all that is keeping Kira sane, but it soon becomes clear that he has a hidden agenda and a cause that Kira gets dragged into. As a result they fake a relationship but before long they both have real feelings for each other, however their ‘relationship’ isn’t without faults and she still can’t get Ethan out of her head.

daynight is a tale of all three characters dealing with and coming to terms with their own issues, an intense love triangle, political issues and plenty of action.

My Thoughts

daynight is told from Kira’s, Blake’s and Ethan’s point of view, so each chapter will be told by a different character which means you really get a feel for all three characters and you get to know them well.

I’ve only ever read one book written like this, the first Game of Thrones book and I didn’t like it, probably because it’s told from about six people’s views. However in daynight with just three main characters it works perfectly, and I don’t think it would work well written any other way.

I normally find ‘love triangle’ situations really irritating because there’s always one guy I’m rooting for and one I don’t like, yet with daynight I really liked both Ethan and Blake. I didn’t have a favourite, so it made the whole thing really tense and exciting to read.

Another advantage of it being told from three different points of view is that the reader gets the bigger picture; you get bits of information before the other characters do, so you know what’s going on (or you think you do) and can begin to anticipate what might happen.

Some spoilers coming up! I’m going to talk about the odd topic of ‘cleaving’ but won’t ruin it entirely.

On Thera when a daynighter or a second-chancer reaches 18 they are ‘cleaved’ with a fellow daynighter or second-chancer. This is basically a marriage, only their is simply no option of saying no or divorcing later in life.

A person can ‘cleave’ with someone out of choice, or they will have a suitable cleave chosen for them. They will then be ‘given’ children by artificial insemination. It doesn’t stop there though, yet if I were to tell you more I would definitely ruin it for you, it is truly disturbing if you stop and think about it too much.


daynight is incredibly well written. The characters are likeable and you feel for all of them, there are plenty of twists and turns and you really don’t see any of them coming.

I would recommend daynight to anyone, especially those of you who enjoy Young Adult or Dystopian books.

I’m not the kind of person who likes films of books, but I would love to see a film of daynight, Thera sounds so beautiful to me, I’d rather like to see it on screen. Is it odd that I find the scenery for these places so appealing?

The follow up to daynight, arbitrate is rumoured to be out this summer, so I’m really looking forward to getting my paws on that.

If you’ve read daynight what did you think of it? If you’re planning on reading it, I hope you love it as much as I did!