Rosie Reviews: Savor – Megan Duncan

Savor by Megan Duncan Book Review

I discovered Savor after seeing it mentioned on YA Big Bookworm as a free read. I didn’t really read the synopsis to be honest as I just wanted to try out another vampire novel as the only ones I’ve read are Twilight, which is embarrassing I’m sure. 

Savor begins on the day of Clare’s 18th birthday. Her region is ruled by vampires and on everyone’s 18th birthday they go to the local blood bank to have their blood tested and then for the rest of their life they will give blood a couple of times a month to satisfy the vampires thirsts. The majority of them are happy to do so as the vampires pose no real threat to them, however there are a some who oppose the vampires and the idea of keeping them well fed.

The day after Clare’s 18th birthday her life is quite literally turned upside down when a representative of the Vampire Royal Family visits Clare to tell her that her blood is incredibly special and that the royal family have chosen her to become their Princess to strengthen their family.

Although confused and unsure Clare accepts realising she has no other choice, she’s taken away from the family she loves and is thrust into a strange world (because she apparently paid no attention at school, where they learn about vampires y’know) where she realises that not everyone is happy about her joining the Vampire Royal Family.

Without giving too much more away, Savor follows Clare as she tries to adapt to life as a vampire, deals with people who are less than happy at her being there and angry protesting humans who think that what the Royal Family have done to her is cruel.

My Thoughts

I thought the idea behind Savour was quite unique, though some parts did remind me of Twilight. However, I suspect that’s because my general knowledge of vampires isn’t excellent and Twilight is the only vampire book/series I’ve read.

I found the majority of the characters really likeable, especially Robin, and I found the bitchy characters to be positively bitchy and felt Clare’s frustration and anger towards Ana and Luka almost immediately and was happy when Clare got her revenge on Ana.

While reading I noticed that there were a couple of instances where the wrong word was used, words were missed out entirely or the sentence was just worded awkwardly and it took a few reads before it made sense, however it really didn’t ruin the book for me at all.

In parts the pacing felt a little odd, for example Clare meets Dmitry but then she’s crazy in love with him after the third time of meeting him. It just felt a little bit like I had missed something out and it took a while for me to get to grips with her sudden love of Dmitry. I really liked Dmitry’s character though and I’m not at all sure about how I feel regarding her blood mate, Arrick, just walking in and taking off with her (literally), I’m team Dmitry all the way!

All in all, I really enjoyed Savor and I’ll definitely give the second in the Warm Delicacy series, Indulge a go because I really need to know what happens to Clare and darnit she needs to find a way back to Dmitry!

I’d give Savour 4 out of 5. 

If you’ve read Savor, what did you think of it? 


Rosie Reviews: Free Four – Veronica Roth

Free Four Veronica Roth

Free Four is a thirteen page novella which looks at Chapter 13 from Divergent from Four’s perspective. 

I’m not going to say too much as if you’ve read Divergent, it will spoil it and if you haven’t read Divergent you should read it first otherwise you’ll be quite confused.

Personally Four was my favourite character so it was really nice to read from his point of view and find out a bit more about him as it’s clear from just reading Divergent that there’s a lot more to Four. It was also interesting to read about the history and the issues between Eric and him.

Roth made a great choice by choosing to look at Chapter 13 from his perspective as when you read Divergent it’s clear there’s something else going on here and he isn’t just being a jerk, so it’s nice to find out what that is.

If you’ve read Divergent, I highly recommend you read it and it’s a must read to find out more about Four, if not read Divergent first otherwise you’ll be confused.

Free Four is free to download and isn’t available to ‘buy’ through Kindle or Kobo, so here’s where I read it online – Free Four on Epubbud

4 / 5 

What do you think about authors releasing novella’s from another characters point of view?