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August Roundup

August 31, 2013


At the start of the month I promised myself I’d take better care of this blog and do a bit more writing and rambling, so here’s a roundup of my favourite posts from the month in case you missed any of them.

Even though I feel like I’ve been the busiest I’ve been all year I’ve managed to find time to do this and I seem to be full of ideas at the moment. There are loads of ideas and half finished posts sitting in my dashboard waiting for my to finish off and post.

Churros with Chocolate Sauce Recipe

A brilliant and incredibly tasty recipe.

Baked Alaska Recipe

A delicious and surprisingly easy baked alaska recipe.

Don’t say but!

I challenge you not to say ‘but’ for an entire day.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – Stephanie Meyer

I forced myself to finish this for the sake of this review!

The Lion King at the theatre

My birthday outing!

Simple Exfoliating Oil Balancing Facial Scrub Review

A good affordable exfoliator for those with sensitive and combination skin.

I feel like August’s posts have been a really mixed bag, which is great, there have been a few rambles, a book review, a beauty review, a couple of recipes and some life stuff. I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts this month, if you’d like to see more of a particular kind of post let me know.

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Eat: Churros with Chocolate Sauce

August 29, 2013

Homemade Churros and Chocolate Sauce

I first discovered churros on holiday in Tunisia a few years ago and fell in love with them at first bite. 

Like baked alaska, churros were another delicious thing which was added to my ‘to make’ pile but was always pushed to the bottom because I thought they’d be hard to make.

A couple of weeks ago I was telling my Nan about churros and later that evening I came across this recipe on Pinterest.

I was surprised at how easy they looked to make and after making a tasty mountain of churros I can confirm they are very easy to make.

The recipe is delicious, I can just taste them again thinking about it and the cinnamon and sugar frosting just reminds me of Christmas.

homemade churros

Towards the end when you’re frying the churros, drying them, dusting them and making the chocolate sauce I’d recommend asking for someone to help you because I imagine it would get a bit chaotic on your own.

The recipe says it serves six people and while the four of us had no issue polishing off all the churros, half the chocolate sauce was left over. So in future I would only use half the quantities for the chocolate sauce otherwise it’s going to end up going to waste.

All in all, a really simple and delicious recipe. Better yet, it’s very cheap especially if you buy cheap chocolate. We used Aldi chocolate which costs pennies, I don’t see the point in buying Cadbury’s if I’m going to melt it down for sauce, it’s just a waste of money.

churros and chocolate sauce

Thought I’d try and be artistic.

Would I make churros again? Absolutely, though I will definitely get a bigger star shaped piping nozzle so we can make bigger ones next time.


The Lion King Musical

August 26, 2013

Birmingham Hippodrome

One of my earliest memories is sitting in our living room watching The Lion King on TV. I loved it so much that I wore out two copies of it in on video tape. 

A few years ago we went on a college trip to New York and we got to see The Lion King on Broadway. Since coming back I’ve wanted to go and see it again so I could take my family and show them how brilliant it was.

Luckily for me, The Lion King is on tour in the UK this year and was showing in Birmingham on my birthday (brilliant timing!), so there was absolutely no question about what I wanted to do for my birthday.

After two months of being excited, it was finally time to go and see The Lion King and it was even better than I remember it being the first time around. Unfortunately I haven’t got any pictures on the performance to show you as you aren’t allowed to take pictures or film during the performance.

If you like The Lion King or a great show, I’d highly recommend you go and see it.  It’s so hard to try and sum up the performance other than say everything about it is absolutely brilliant. The costumes are amazing and the music and sounds are wonderful.

What’s your favourite theatre show / musical? 


The Time I Tidied My Dog Away

August 24, 2013

When I was little, okay younger, I’ve always been short, we had a dog called Jess. She was great with my sister and I, and she’d let us to anything to her. 

In fact, my sister used to chew on her ears (Gross!) and Jess would just sit there happy as Larry. 

One day my Mum couldn’t find Jess and was running around the house in a panic trying to find her.

Eventually she found a lead (pun intended!) when she heard some noise from my bedroom and went to investigate. Confusingly the dog was no where to be seen in my small room, yet she could still hear a noise.

She peered around the room and before long there was only one place left to search; the cupboard underneath my bed. (It was a high bed with a cupboard built underneath)

Upon opening the door she found the dog, just sat there happily wagging her tail.

It turned out that after being asked to tidy my room, I’d also tidied Jess away and put her underneath the bed.

I’m quite sure that had my Mum not found her she’d have happily sat there all day.


Eat: Baked Alaska

August 22, 2013

baked alaska

Baked Alaska has been on my to make list for a couple of years now but I’ve always been put off making it as I felt quite daunted by it, thinking it must be impossible to create. 

Last week I stumbled across an easy baked alaska recipe an was pleasantly surprised at how easy it looked.

I was even more surprised at how easy it was to make, though there were a couple of issues that I perhaps should have thought of before.

For starters, I bought a huge flan when there were only four of us without realising that it would need to be eaten in one go otherwise the ice cream would melt.

This resulted in us all eating a quarter each and feeling rather full afterwards.

I also stupidly started making the baked alaska before dinner had even been put in the oven. Thankfully before I’d started making the meringue or scooping out the ice cream, my fiancé pointed out that by the time we’d eaten dinner the ice cream would have melted.

Baked Alaska

The end result was incredibly tasty and I shall certainly be making it again. Of course next time, I will not start making it before dinner and will definitely by a smaller flan for just the four of us.

Have you ever made Baked Alaska? 


Is School The Best Time of Your Life?

August 21, 2013

When I was younger my Dad always used to tell me that ‘your school days are the best days of your life’, I never believed him.

I’d often find myself laughing thinking ‘Really, this is as good as it gets?’. Five years after leaving school though, I understand he wasn’t entirely wrong, but he wasn’t entirely right either.

When you’re at school your biggest worries seem to be realising you’d got a piece of homework due in that you’d forgotten about. Being an adult means dealing with adult stuff like money and trying to figure out how to fit more hours in the day. So if you look at it that way, perhaps school is better.

On the other hand though, a lot of brilliant things have happened since I left school. I met my fiancé, I’m in a job I enjoy and I’m chasing my dream of being a sports journalist.

Oh and I’m also not forced to eat rubbish school lunch, I can have lunch whenever I want, I’m not subjected to someone else’s religious views day after day, I don’t have to wear ties or skirts everyday and best of all, I don’t have to play netball EVER AGAIN!

Despite all of the above, I enjoyed school in general since I got to spend five days a week with my best friends and learn. I also have some brilliant stories about school that I think about often and when I get together with my friends we all have a laugh about as we reminisce.

Being an adult though means I get much more freedom, have none of that school bitchiness and I can really start working towards my dream.

Life is what you make of it and I want my life to be more interesting than school.

Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits


What’s Your Favourite Writing Tip?

August 20, 2013

As an aspiring journalist, I spend a lot of time trawling the interweb for tips to help me improve my writing. 

By far the best tip I have ever come across is to make every word count. Every word needs to earn it’s place on the page.

My first draft is never succinct as I’m trying to type out every thought I have on a topic before I forget it. I then spend twice as long as it took to write, editing and omitting unnecessary words which don’t add anything.

It’s so easy to write a long piece full of fluff, but to writing a tight piece where every word adds something is hard.

Share your writing tips below!