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Tesco Pro Formula Radiance Day Cream | Review

October 31, 2013

Tesco Pro Formula Radiance Day Cream

Tesco Pro Formula Radiance Day Cream

My skin is very fussy and it seems to favour cheaper moisturisers (luckily for my bank balance) so when I saw Tesco’s had released their own brand of skincare products, Pro Formula, I had to give the day cream a go. 

They offer a day cream for normal / combination skin and dry / sensitive skin, the one I picked up was for normal / combination skin.

The packaging is fairly plain and simple, it’s probably not as nice to look at as the rest of the products in their Pro Formula range but it isn’t terrible to look at so I can’t complain.

In the tub it feels quite thick but when you put it on your face and rub it in it’s quite light and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy like some moisturisers do.

It comes in a 50ml tub (which is nice and travel friendly) and after having it for nearly two months, I haven’t even used a third of the tub yet, so it’s going to last a while.

What pleased me most is that it contains a few things which are good for your skin, including; SPF15 and green tea (which is an antioxidant) and vitamin e  (which helps to protect and repair your skin).

At £3 it’s a good cheap buy and is definitely worth checking out. I’ve never tried a supermarket own brand skincare range before but I’m really impressed with this and will probably try something else from their range at some point.

Have you tried Tesco’s skincare range? 

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Allegiant – Veronica Roth | Review

October 30, 2013

Allegiant - Veronica Roth - Review

This review is spoiler free 

Where do I start with this one? I’ve been eagerly awaiting Allegiant since finishing Insurgent earlier this year. After finishing it on Monday night, I expected it’d take me a few days to sum up my feelings on the book, but surprisingly they came easy. 

Before we go any further, here’s the description from GoodReads:

What if your whole world was a lie?
What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?
What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?

The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered—fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she’s known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories.

But Tris’s new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind. Old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless. Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves. And once again, Tris must battle to comprehend the complexities of human nature—and of herself—while facing impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice, and love.

Allegiant is told from the perspective of both Tris and Tobias, whereas Divergent and Insurgent were told from solely the point of view of Tris. I really enjoyed this feature as I like multiple POVs and felt it helped Tobias’s character grow.

The book simply would not have worked without multiple points of view due to both Tris and Tobias doing different things at some points in the book. On reflection it was probably also a sign of something big coming.

To me, Allegiant felt like it was written in a bit of a rush. I can’t really put my finger on exactly what makes me feel that, but at parts it just doesn’t seem as good as the previous two books.

I also struggled with the reasoning behind certain things in the book, it just felt very weak and it was pretty confusing to be honest. At some points I was baffled about why the issue was even an issue in the first place. It just felt a little bit messy for me.

The ending, wow. (I promise this bit has no spoilers) The ending has divided fans, with some even being stupid enough to threaten Veronica Roth which is perhaps the most ridiculous first-world problem ever. The book was written to tell the story of the characters, not to please readers.

I personally was content with the ending. I was surprised and a little shocked but I felt it brought the book full circle and was a fitting ending and was definitely true to the characters.

Though it may have felt a bit messy in some places, Allegiant was a good read and a worthy series ender. I’m sad that the story has come to an end but it’s not all over as Veronica Roth is releasing four shorts told from Four’s POV which I’ll definitely be giving a read.

4 out of 5

What did you think of Allegiant?

Please try to keep the comments spoiler free, if you want to talk spoilers though feel free to email me, I love a good natter about a book.  

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Wordless Wednesday: Castle Ring

October 30, 2013

You can see the fullsize image here.

On Sunday my Mum and I took the dogs for a walk over Castle Ring, which used to be an Iron Age fort.

One of the things I love most about going up there is that if you look in some directions you can see no signs of modern human life. So in a way it’s like being able to look back in time and imagine what it was like 2,000 years ago, which is quite special.

What have you been up to this week?

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Do You Read A Book More Than Once?

October 29, 2013

Catching Fire

With the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film at the end of November, I thought I’d read the book again to remind myself what goes on and I’m really struggling to get through it. 

I’ve never been the kind of person who reads books more than once; I’ve only read the Harry Potter series twice (which is impressive for me), but I just can’t bring myself to get round to finishing Catching Fire.

I don’t know why I struggle with reading books more than once. Maybe it’s because I know what happens so it’s not as exciting or gripping as it was the first time or maybe it’s because I have a to-read list as long as the Great Wall of China and know I could be reading something new and exciting.

Do you read books more than once? 

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Free ebook alert: daynight

October 29, 2013

daynight megan thomason

Looking for a new read? Love a good young adult / dystopian / sci-fi / romance book? 

If so you can get daynight for free on Amazon (here’s the US link) between the 29th October and 31st October to celebrate the launch of it’s follow up arbitrate.

I’ve read both daynight and arbitrate and I loved both of them and can’t wait for generate to come out next year, so I can whole-heartedly recommend both of these books.

My reviews: daynight | arbitrate

Here’s the Amazon description for daynight:

Meet The Second Chance Institute (SCI): Earth’s benevolent non-profit by day, Thera’s totalitarian regime by night. Their motto: Because Everyone Deserves a Second Chance at Life(TM). Reality: the SCI subjects Second Chancers to strict controls and politically motivated science experiments like Cleaving–forced lifetime union between two people who have sex. Punishment for disobeying SCI edicts? Immediate Exile or death. 

Meet Kira Donovan. Fiercely loyal, overly optimistic, and ensnared by the promise of a full-ride college scholarship, Kira signs the SCI Recruit contract to escape memories of a tragedy that left her boyfriend and friends dead.

Meet Blake Sundry. Bitter about being raised in Exile and his mother’s death, Blake’s been trained to infiltrate and destroy the SCI. Current barrier to success? His Recruit partner–Miss Goody Two Shoes Kira Donovan.

Meet Ethan Darcton. Born with a defective heart and resulting inferiority complex, Ethan’s forced to do his SCI elite family’s bidding. Cleave-worthy Kira Donovan catches his eye, but the presiding powers give defect-free Blake Sundry first dibs.

Full of competing agendas, romantic entanglements, humor, twists and turns, daynight is an award-winning, bestselling novel and first in the daynight series.”

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Models Own – 3-in-1 Base Coat / Top Coat / Gloss | Review

October 28, 2013

Models Own 3-in-1

Models Own 3-In-1 over Models Own Bronze Rage

Trying to find a really good base coat and a top coat can be a pain and involves a lot of trial and error, so when I came across Models Own’s 3-in-1 base coat / top coat and gloss I couldn’t not give it a go. 

As a base coat it’s really good and as a gloss it provides a brilliant shine that lasts for days. As a top coat though it’s not so good.

It takes forever to dry. Even if I’m just sat in bed painting my nails, not actually doing anything, I want my polish to dry quickly to avoid making a mess everywhere or ruining my nails, so this stuff frustrated me to no end.

After 10 minutes it still wasn’t completely dry and I managed to smudge it. Not only that but it was covered in impressions in no time. (As shown in the bottom image)

I don’t even know how it happened as I painted my nails, waited an age for them to dry and went to sleep and I woke up with nails that looked like I’d dragged a knife across them, which for me isn’t acceptable. They looked a mess.

The frustrating thing is it’s pretty good at protecting your nails and after seven days of wearing it I didn’t have any major chips at all.

As a base coat I’d definitely recommend it but I certainly won’t be using it a a top coat anytime soon.

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MAC Studio Fix Fluid | Review

October 25, 2013

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

Blended on the right

I have a love hate relationship with this foundation; I keep saying I love it but really I kinda hate it. 

It’s taken me months to finally write this review because I keep wanting to give Studio Fix Fluid another chance to be perfect.

Way back in May or June I went to the MAC store in Birmingham and asked them to match my skin tone and recommend a foundation good for combination skin and I was recommended their Studio Fix Fluid in NW10.

The shade matches me perfectly, you can barely tell I’m wearing it and it lasts all day so I’m really happy with that. It also has SPF 15 in it, which is something I always search for in face products.

It’s quite runny and you only need about two pumps to cover your face pretty well, so the bottle will last you a while.

That is about the long and short of the positives for me unfortunately.

I was recommended this foundation specifically because it was semi matte and it was easy to build layers, I have found neither of these statements to be true.

To me this foundation is absolutely no where near matte.

My nose is a bit of a problem area and I struggle to get foundations to stay put, but this was awful at it. As soon as I put it on it seemed to be disappearing. If I try to build layers it looked even worse.

I’ve used a few MAC products before and have been really impressed with most of them, but I’m pretty unimpressed by Studio Fix Fluid.

I’m not saying that I wouldn’t recommend it, because the variety of shades and it’s lasting power are pretty good. I just wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a matte foundation and have problem areas where you struggle to get foundation to stay put.

Be aware that it doesn’t come with a pump, so you have to buy one at the price of £4.

If MAC ever do bring out a truly matte foundation then I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a go but unfortunately MAC Studio Fix Fluid just isn’t right for me.

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