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The week in photos #8

December 8, 2013
My cat doesn’t like catnip // My Clothes Show haul // Ciate Mini Mani Month Calendar // Elle // The cosiest cat ever? // The Clothes Show Live 2013

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  • So, I read your blog through my reader– and I occasionally check in via the “blogs I follow” section, but your posts don’t show up like everyone elses… is that a setting or something? I see the little RSS feed icon instead of your name… so strange!

    Anyways, your kitty is darling! I like how much confusion the catnip seems to be causing, haha, like… “what… is… this…??” πŸ™‚

  • That’s really weird, I’m sure someone else has mentioned they have that issue with my blog. I’ll get in touch with WordPress and see what they say, thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

    He really doesn’t like catnip at all. He just will not eat it. I thought I was having some luck one day when he seemed excited by it, but all he did was roll in it and I had to pick it out of his fur.