LUSH Gorilla Perfume – Imogen Rose | Review

LUSH Gorilla Perfume Imogen Rose Solid Perfume

LUSH Imogen Rose Solid Perfume

I love rose scents so when I saw Imogen Rose on the LUSH website I knew I had to give it a go and decided to try the solid perfume. 

It comes in a stick and has the consistency of a chapstick and it’s no different to using normal perfume other than you just rub it on instead of spray.

You have to push up the stick of perfume by gently pushing on the bottom of the stick, to get it down though you have to push the perfume back into the stick.

The main notes are: rose oil, rose absolute, basil, bergamot, vetivert, ambrette seed, tonka, orris. (Taken from the LUSH website)

Rose scents can be hard to get right but for me Imogen Rose is perfect. To my nose there are two main scents; rose and baby powder, I didn’t expect that I’d like the baby powder scent as much as I did but I find it quite relaxing.

It lasts on my skin all day long and I can still smell it by the end of the day.  and it seems to smell slightly different each time I use it, which hopefully means I’ll never get used to it and stop smelling it

A couple of people have asked me whether this leaves your skin greasy or leaves a colour on your skin: I haven’t found that my skin feels greasy at all and it might leave a very pale pink colour but if you rub it in it soon disappears.

I’m not sure how long these sticks will last but I’ve read a review on A Life of Geekery where she said she’d been using them for about six months, so £10 for six months of perfume is something I can’t complain about.

In short: A beautiful rose and baby powdered scent that lasts on your skin all day.

Are these tested on animals? No, LUSH say on their website that they do not test ingredient or products on animals and do not purchase from companies who do any animal testing.

Are they vegan? Yes!

Would I repurchase? Absolutely, I think this could become my signature scent!

Have you tried any of LUSH’s solid perfumes? 

  • Hey, lovely, I know my comment has little to do with your post (I hate when that happens on my blog) but I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award

  • Ooh thank you very much, don’t worry about it being unrelated! I’ll take a look now and hopefully get it up over the weekend.

  • I am in love with these scents! I had the orange one- I think it’s called karma and it is a gorgeous perfume. You should definitely check it out! 🙂

  • I’ll give them all a good sniff next time I got into the store, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Karma.