Chasewater | photos

Water bench 2
On one of the rare sunny days we had earlier this year me and my Mum visited a reservoir near us called Chasewater.

We did some of our training for the half marathon here last year, so it was nice to return and not be running around it and tiring ourselves out.

Here are a few more pictures.

Railway closeupStickChase Water RailwayGrass to treePylon
  • Aww wow it looks beautiful here especially that first picture I bet it’s lovely to visit especially if you’re lucky to get the nice weather like you appeared to be 🙂 x

    Also loving your new layout!! Very nice

    • It’s beautiful. A couple of years ago they drained the lake and it looked so barren and weird, it’s nice to see it full again.

      Thank you! Thought my blog was looking a bit plain.

      Rosie x