LUSH Let The Good Times Roll – Cleanser | Review

LUSH Let The Good Times Roll face cleanser
LUSH Let The Good Times Roll face cleanser

I really enjoyed LUSH’s Buche de Noel and after I finished that off I was on the lookout for something similar. 

I’d read on a few blogs that Let The Good Times Roll was similar and decided to give it a go. (Incidentally Good Times by Cassadee Pope starts playing in my head every time I see this tub.)
The first thing I noticed about this product was the scent, it smells like popcorn. It doesn’t taste of popcorn by the way – yes, I accidentally ate some.
It’s texture is like a thick grainy paste. To use it you add a little bit of water and rub it on your face. As its already like a paste I found it quite difficult to get the consistency right and I imagine a fair amount of it went down the drain before reaching my face. 
When you use it you can feel it gently exfoliating your skin. Do remember to moisturise after; there were a few times I forgot before going to bed and it was really cold and my skin ended up dry and it was a bit of a vicious circle, so I stopped using it for a couple of weeks while my skin sorted itself out. 
It’s a bit of a pain to wash off. The grains are so small that some get missed whether you wash it off with your hands or a face cloth. I usually discover some left over bits while rubbing my moisturiser in. 
Let The Good Times Roll leaves my skin looking clean and feeling soft but I don’t feel it left my skin feeling quite as soft as Buche de Noel did.  
In short: A popcorn scented gentle exfoliator and daily cleanser that made my skin feel soft.
Is it cruelty free: Yes and vegan. You can read about LUSH’s animal testing policy here.
Price + value for money: £6.35 – great value for money as it lasted me over 2 months and I’m sure other people in my house used it too…
Do I recommend it + would I buy it again: I would recommend it and I would buy it again.

What’s your favourite LUSH product?