12 feet stomping country songs

I love country music, always have done and always will do. My favourite country music is the stuff that gets you tapping your feet and dancing (very awkwardly may I add) at your desk. 

I like to share the country music love; here are 12 of my favourite country music songs to get you dancing, stomping your feet and tapping your desk. (Links go to YouTube)

Shania Twain – Rock This Country: The title pretty much says it all, if you aren’t dancing and whooping along to this, there’s something wrong with you.

The Band Perry – I Am A Keeper.: This was a tough choice, The Band Perry have so many great songs that make you feel badass but this is my favourite.

Kelly Clarkson – Tie It Up: After hearing this I’m desperate for Kelly to do some more country stuff, this song is brilliant.

Lady Antebellum – Friday Night: Whatever you do, don’t listen to this on a Monday morning because this song screams Friday night party time. (Not that I’d know mind you, I don’t go out.)  

Luke Bryan – My Kinda Night: The lyrics to this song are ridiculous and so catchy. My favourite lines are ‘floating down the flint river, catch ourselves a little catfish dinner, gonna sound like a winner, when I lay you down and love you right, yeah that’s my kinda night.’ Everyone knows the key to a woman’s heart is a catfish dinner…

Hunter Hayes – More Than I Should: Hunter Hayes is crazy talented – he played every instrument on his first album. His self-titled first album is fantastic and I’m eagerly awaiting his second album which will be released in the US May 6th, not sure when it comes out over here. Anyone know?

Charlie Worsham – Want Me Too: I discovered Charlie Worsham on Bones a couple of weeks ago and have been loving his music since then.

Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats: I dare you not to sing to this feeling sassy. I’m never sure how I feel about the word sassy. 

Taylor Swift – Should’ve Said Now: Ahhh back when Taylor was country. I do remember there was a version of this song where a line said ‘I’ll tell mine [friends] you’re gay’, unsurprisingly that line didn’t appear to make it onto her album.

Dolly Parton – 9 to 5: What kinda country music fan would I be if I didn’t put Dolly on this list. Chances are that even if you hate country, you know the words to this.

Lady Gaga – You & I: The first time I heard this I thought it was Shania Twain, it turned out it’s produced by Shania’s ex-husband Mutt Lange which explains a lot.

Hugo – 99 Problems: Yes, that’s right a country version of 99 problems. This is by far one of my favourite internet discoveries so far this year. It sounds almost classy with a banjo.

Please, please share some of your favourite country songs with me.