LUSH – Dark Angels | Review

For the past few months all other cleansers have been pushed aside in favour of LUSH’s natural offerings. 

It’s fair to say that I’ve fallen pretty hard for LUSH and I’ve been impressed with all of their products I’ve tried so far.

Dark Angels is a charcoal and rhassoul mud based cleanser. 

It’s the thickest and driest of their cleansers I’ve tried so far and you need to make sure you add enough water and mix it in your hands thoroughly before applying it to your face.

It really does the trick and you can feel the charcoal exfoliating your skin. It leaves my skin looking clean, feeling soft and it makes light work of panda eyes!

I have oily / combination skin and it seems to suit my skin perfectly.  

For some reason, and I’m not sure why, this cleanser seems to be lasting longer than the other two I’ve used. (Bouche de Noel and Let The Good Times Roll.) I’ve been using it for a couple of months and I don’t think I’m even half way through the tub yet. 

If I can give you one tip about this product, it’s to make sure you take your time rinsing it off. I keep missing bits and ending up with a black strip on the side of my face or under my chin where I’ve missed bits. Oops. 

In short: A gentle exfoliating cleanser. 

Is it cruelty free? Yes, LUSH do not test on animals.

Price: £6.40 for 100g

Would I recommend / repurchase: I would both recommend and repurchase Dark Angels.

Which of LUSH’s cleansers should I try next, any recommendations for oily / combination skin?