15 stages of applying makeup when you own a cat

Of course the furry beast wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to take a photo of him interrupting my makeup putting-on.

My cat is a loveable creature but he doesn’t half make getting ready in the morning a challenge. 

Sometimes it feels a little bit like trying to apply makeup while on Takeshi’s Castle. 

  1. Put moisturiser on – no cat around. 
  2. Open eye shadow palette and begin swirling brush – cat appears from no where. 
  3. Begin applying eyeshadow – cat starts head butting your arm and you try to keep your cool. 
  4. Decide liquid eye-liner is out of the question as your fur baby is still head butting you in the arm relentlessly. 
  5. Get mascara out – cat begins walking backwards and forwards in front of you. 
  6. Start applying mascara – have to move cats tail out of your face repeatedly so you can see and stop it getting on your mascara wand. 
  7. Begin applying foundation – cat begins head butting again and you accidentally poke yourself in the eye with your brush.
  8. Decide to try and ignore kitty and stand your ground while applying foundation – cat tries to bite you. 
  9. Shout at cat and it runs off in a sulk. 
  10. Breathe a sigh of relief because you can finish your makeup in peace. So you think. 
  11. Cat reappears with a vengeance and sits down in an awkward place so you have to reach around the cat to get bronzer and blusher out. 
  12. Begin applying bronzer and cat starts sniffing and trying to lick your hand – no chance you’re letting it lick you, who knows which animal it ate last. 
  13. Start applying blusher and cat sits right in front of you so you can’t see the mirror. 
  14. Finish your makeup and cat decides to go outside. 
  15. Swear under your breath. 
Does any other cat owners go through a similar thing when getting ready?
  • This is hilarious! I have this same problem with my cat so I now have to either stand up in front of the mirror or just shut her out! Eyeliner is the worst. She’ll always manage to walk between my arms whilst I’m doing a flick and mess it up entirely!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

    • Yes! Kitties know when you’re trying to concentrate on something and set about to distract you.

  • Hehe, they’re such troublemakers! My cat can’t seem to take a clue either. If I’m not in the mood to have her sit on me, I’ll toss her to the other side of the bed. Then she’ll just come right back and do it again. I toss her, she comes back, I toss her, she comes back. In a weird way you have to admire her perseverance!


    • Haha yes Crunchie is exactly the same. If he’s decide he’s going to do something or sit somewhere you can bet he’s going to do it and sit there.

  • STORY OF MY LIFE! I love my cat but he sure as hell can get in the way sometimes x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  • LOL brilliant post love it – we had cats for over 20 years and can relate to this! We now have a couple of dogs and the secret is get them out for a long walk before applying make up!! x

  • Thanks! Is there a secret for that cats? My cat seems to spring to life as soon as I start putting on makeup.

  • I completely agree Charlotte, they are experts at getting in the way.