Found photos – The Roaches & Tittesworth Reservoir

The Roaches

I took these pictures about a year ago and ended up ‘losing’ them. When I got Adobe Lightroom and plugged my memory card in they reappeared! Turns out I’d taken them in RAW and until recently had no way to look at RAW files. Duh. 

I’m so happy I found these because it was a beautiful day and there were some nice pictures of our silly dogs. 

The Roaches are is a rocky ridge overlooking Tittesworth Reservoir in the Peak District. It’s a popular walking and climbing spot, especially in the summer. 

The first half of this post is pictures from The Roaches and around there and the second part is photos from Tittesworth Reservoir. 

I really like this photo. It almost feels as if I can walk through it, sit under that tree and eat a picnic while looking down at the reservoir. 

Tittesworth Reservoir is a lovely place to spend the day out, especially if you’ve got kids – there’s a visitors centre, a BBQ area and you can take the dogs for a swim. 

We daren’t let either of our dogs off because there were dogs paddling on the opposite bank and we didn’t know whether Dylan would swim off after them. 

If you look carefully at the right hand side of the below image, you’ll see that Dylan was staring at Bert and Tom who’d walked ahead. 

  • Ohhh, that’s so beautiful! I love outings like that. XD My family and I do picnics and things to random locations and it’s sooo awesome when it’s like a perfect (well, nearly perfect 😉 blue sky and the temperature’s just right and all. Your dogs are adorable! I keep telling my family we kind of need a dog in our lives but they’ve got selective deafness. I say dog, they ignore me. lol! XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

    • It always feels good when without little planning everyone gets a picnic ready and jumps in the car and the weather’s great. I of course have to find the closest shade to hide in.

      Awhhh dogs are awesome! Ours are complete opposites – Dylan (the Collie) is energetic while Bert (the Labrador) is so chilled out and laid back.

      Rosie x

  • Lovely photos – I’m glad you managed to access them.

    • Thanks Char, me too I was so annoyed when I got home and couldn’t look at them on my laptop!