Times you felt grown up and were proven wrong.

One time I did not feel grown up – my sister and me with Mickey Mouse. I totally don’t still wear those ears when I want to feel special…

I heard an interesting programme on Radio Four (aren’t I sophisticated / old?) a few weeks ago where the host was asking the audience when they first felt grown up. 

There have been a few times in my life where I’ve felt grown-up only to be proven wrong shortly after. I’m not sure I will ever feel ‘grown-up’, responsible perhaps but probably not grown-up. 

When I wore my Nans shoes
When I was about three or four I decided to wear some of my Nan’s shoes that I thought were amazing. They had a small heel on them and I decided to try them out.

I felt all grown up and in my infinite wisdom I decided to go downstairs to show my Mum and my Nan and fell down the last few stairs. 

Multi-coloured pens
This was actually mentioned in the programme and I agree with it. When I was about seven I had one of those pens with different colours in and you click down the colour you want. That made me feel grown-up. 

I also felt grown up when I was first allowed to write with a pen instead of a pencil. I did not feel grown up when my pen leaked all over my hand and books because I’d been chewing it. 

When I drank Bailey’s at a pool bar
This is my favourite example. When I was 15 we went on holiday to Lanzarote and they had a pool bar. 

They didn’t give a rats ass about whether you were 18 or not and would serve you alcohol as long as you looked older than about 10. I decided to be classy and asked for Bailey’s with squirty cream on top. 

Minutes later someone swam past me and a wave knocked me off the stool in the pool and I fell backwards throwing my drink in the swimming pool. There were some very angry looking German’s who were not amused about swimming in squirty cream. 

A car
When I first got a car (what I mean by that is my parents bought it only to rarely drive it themselves) I felt free and grown-up. Then I realised I had to put petrol in and was horrified. 

I then started moaning about petrol and felt pretty grown-up again. 

When I had to feed myself
A few years ago my parents and my sister went to Turkey and I stayed at home (can’t be doing with all that warm) and they left me money to feed myself. Truth be told I fully intended on spending most of it on a video game. 

So I went to Tesco and felt pretty grown up going round the supermarket (lets ignore the fact my trolley was full of pizza) but then I got to the checkout. “WHAT? You mean this stuff costs money?! I just thought the cupboards magically refilled themselves.” 

Now I wasn’t dumb enough to think it was actually free but I’d never had to budget before and y’know video games were important to me back then. More so than food apparently. 

Please share some times when you felt like you were an adult only to be proven wrong. The more embarrassing / funny, the better.