18 awesome things about autumn

I am fully embracing the arrival of autumn. It’s my very favourite time of the year and there is so much to love about it. 

  • It’s finally cool – I don’t do warm at all, hence the Twilight vampire complexion
  • Crisp morning air 
  • Winter boots
  • Wearing slipper socks to work under your boots 
  • The way dew highlights spiders webs 
  • It’s acceptable to drink hot chocolate at any time of the day
  • The leaves changing colour 
  • Mist rising off the fields
  • Preparation for Christmas (much better than Christmas itself) 
  • Snuggly hats and gloves 
  • Winter coats 
  • Warming up by the fire
  • Being all cosy sitting by a window with a warm drink and a book and looking out at autumn in all it’s glory
  • Soup for lunch 
  • Going deer-spotting with my camera 
  • Layering clothes  
  • I can start knitting copious amounts of hats again (I need to make some mittens this year)
  • It’s time to crack out the Christmas scented candles 

Please, gush about autumn below. 


Pizza wars: Italy vs Germany

Pizza Wars: Germany Vs Italy

It’s fair to say I’m a bit of a pizza fanatic. Some of my friends wonder if I even eat anything else (I do.)

For years I have longed to go to Italy and eat their pizza. With the taste of that glorious pizza I had in Germany (this must be the 6000th time I’ve mentioned it now) fresh in my memory, I wanted to find out if Italy could beat it. 

With my constant waffling about the German pizza, I think we’re all aware of how high the standards are. I was confident that Italy, the birthplace of pizza, would have no problem kicking German pizza’s butt. 

I was wrong. 

During my trip to Italy I ate four pizzas at different ‘restaurants’ (that’s a term I use loosely and you’ll see why soon.) I wasn’t overly-impressed with any of them. 

First the was a pizza from a restaurant in Lake Como which was pretty bland and forgettable (Yes, I describe some pizzas as forgettable like a song.)

Secondly there was the pizza in my hotel. Now you might be saying ‘well what did you expect?’ What I expected was a delicious pizza. I’ve stayed in a few IBIS hotels this year and the one in Spain and Germany made very nice pizza. This one did not. 

In fact, it was microwave pizza. Can you believe that’s even legal in Italy? 

My IBIS pizza was an insult to Italy and pizza. The base was soggy, the tomato sauce was bitter and there was not enough cheese. It sucked. It also cost me €8.50! €8.50 for a crap pizza. The glorious German pizza only cost €7! Why not just slap me in the face?

The third was from McDonald’s. It wasn’t really a pizza, it was more like a calzonne. I think it was called a pizzarotto. It was alright but didn’t taste of much. 

The fourth was actually the best pizza I had all week, though it wasn’t great. It was a slice of pizza that had probably been sat out for hours from LIDL.

My Italian pizza experience was disappointing and Germany is the clear winner here. If you’re planning to go to Italy for pizza, don’t. Go to Im Alten Zollhaus in Aachen, Germany – it’s not that far, it’ll take you about eight hours by car. 

What’s the best pizza you’ve ever had? 


Triptych – Karin Slaughter (Will Trent #1) | Book review

Source: Goodreads
Spoiler free! 
Title: Triptych (Will Trent #1) 
Author: Karin Slaughter
Genre: Crime, thriller

Goodreads descriptionIn the city of Atlanta, women are dying—at the hands of a killer who signs his work with a single, chilling act of mutilation. Leaving behind enough evidence to fuel a frenzied police hunt, this cunning madman is bringing together dozens of lives, crossing the boundaries of wealth and race. And the people who are chasing him must cross those boundaries too. Among them is Michael Ormewood, a veteran detective whose marriage is hanging by a thread—and whose arrogance and explosive temper are threatening his career. And Angie Polaski, a beautiful vice cop who was once Michael’s lover before she became his enemy.

But another player has entered the game: a loser ex-con who has stumbled upon the killer’s trail in the most coincidental of ways—someone who may be the key to breaking the case wide open.

It appears to have become a bit of a habit that I read a Karin Slaughter book every September. 

I’ve read two of her books from the Will Trent series, Fallen (my review) and Criminal (my review) and really enjoyed them. Before picking up the next book in the series I decided I would start the series from the beginning to do it justice.  

Before I go any further, I want to stress that if you don’t pick up the first book you won’t struggle to get to know the characters. Their past and personality is revisited, explained and built on each book so it isn’t essential to start at the start.  

Slaughter builds fantastically detailed characters, all of which have intricate backstories, making it harder to figure out the ‘whodunnit’.   

Triptych follows our three main characters and at times it flicks between the past and the present day in the book. It isn’t done in a confusing way and with dates at the start of each chapter you can easily tell where you are and know which character you’re following within the first sentence.  

As you may have guessed from the series name, the main character is called Will Trent. He’s a loveable character with quite a sad backstory and I personally, couldn’t help but like him and his slightly awkward ways. 

I haven’t read many crime novels but I thought this was quite gory and I think it was more graphic than two other books I’ve read from this series. There are plenty of people on Goodreads who agree so this might not be for you if you don’t like gore and graphic detail. 

Triptych is an unpredictable and thrilling crime novel. There’s a magical moment where everything clicks and the story is drawn together and all is revealed. 

I always love it when an author managed to keep you in the dark for the most part but then after the reveal all the little clues make sense when you look back at what’s happened. 

If you like a good crime novel I cannot recommend this book, and anything else from this series, enough. 

This book was that good that I began reading it in the airport when I went to Italy and I somehow managed to finish it in 24 hours despite being crazy busy. 

In short: A thrilling and gripping start to a series. 

Price: UK Kindle – £3.32 // UK Amazon – £3.50 paperback

Would I recommend it: Yes, though perhaps not if you don’t like gory detail. 

Have you read anything by Karin Slaughter before? Or can you recommend me another crime author? 


Share the love – August

Share the love - August

August has been a very busy month. It’s one of those months that seems to have been long but it’s gone very quick at the same time.

We’re two days in to September already so I guess it’s time I share a few things I was loving in August. 

Music – After buying my Mum tickets to see Ed Sheeran for her birthday I discovered that I thought he was pretty darn awesome. My favourite Sheeran song at the moment is I See Fire.  

While on the way back from Belgium, I discovered that there’s a French version of Sing with a French rapper. 

Films – The Inbetweeners 2 finally arrived in August. I saw that film twice and it was hilarious both times. I wasn’t bowled over by the first film, and I know a lot of people who felt the same, but the second film is so much better. 

Tom bought me Despicable Me for my birthday and I loved it. I adore a good kids film and that is a bloody brilliant one. 

Books – August was so hectic that I only finished two books, one of which was Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. Burial Rites tells the story of Agnes Magnusdottir, who was the last woman to be executed in Iceland. 

Most people regard her as a cold, calculating murderer but as we don’t have all the information available on her life so after years and years of research Kent wrote Burial Rites which shines a more empathetic life on Magnus’ life and the circumstances she found herself in. 

You can read my review here

Food – I have harped on about this enough on my blog and in real life but that pizza I had in Germany <3 I’ve eaten pizza since then and not only was it disappointed but I’m pretty sure my jaw almost dislocated. That was clearly the German pizza trying to get me back for cheating on it. 

Beauty – Last week I bought Illamasqua’s lip colouring pencil in Spell and I love it! There will be a gushing review up within the next couple of weeks. It is a lovely pillarbox red shade and it lasts for hours. 

Blog – My favourite blogs are those which cover a variety of topics and don’t conform to beauty blogging stereotypes and that’s exactly what you get with Rinica Writes. I’ve been reading Rinica’s blog for about a year now, she always gives good advice, talks about a variety of topics and is such a nice, friendly person. 

On blog: 
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What did you love in August?