Bewley’s coffee shop

It took me a while to write some kind of blog post about Bewley’s coffee shop that made sense because I love it so, so much. 

Nevermind Starbucks or Costa Coffee, Bewley’s is where it’s at. 

Before we went away my Mum and Nan raved about a coffee shop called Bewley’s on Grafton Street so we decided we had to check it out. 

Our motives were mostly to send them pictures and make them feel bad (so kind) but I fell in love and now I miss it! 

The shop was a bit of a TARDIS. From the outside it seemed quite small but when we got inside there were about four floors and the bottom level just seems to keep going back for miles. 

When we did finally get to the back, we discovered huge beautiful stained glass windows. I did consider moving the plant for a better photo, but I wasn’t sure how much the family sat next to us would appreciate me rearranging the cafe while they ate.  

Tom and I went to Bewley’s three times and enjoyed it every time. After much testing, I decided that my favourite things on their menu were their lattes and their drool-worthy berry scones. 

No other scone will ever be good enough for me now. They were fluffy and juicy and I’m going to have to stop talking about them before I drool all over my trusty laptop. 

To me, this place was a perfect example of a place to sit down and watch the world go by, while stuffing your face with cake. Always eat cake when watching the world go by, it’s the rules. 

As well as being a ridiculously delicious coffee shop, Bewley’s have their own brand of coffee which you can buy to take away. We decided that after taunting my Mum and Nan, we should take them some coffee back. 

That created another problem though. 

  • I can’t stop drinking this stuff
  • My Nan keeps offering it to guests (no, they can have the Nescafe)
  • My Mum and my Nan remembered how good it was. 

Unsurprisingly, we’re fast running out of this delicious stuff and you can’t get Bewley’s coffee easily in England. 

You can order it off the internet but what if I wake up on a Sunday with hankering for Bewley’s? I’ve decided the only solution is that we move to Dublin. I can deal with that.