Kilchurn Castle at Lochawe

Kilchurn Castle Lochawe

Screw everywhere else I’ve been, Kilchurn Castle on Lochawe is my favourite place in the world. It is so stunningly beautiful. I want to live there. 

I saw it in a coach trip brochure and decided I had to go there. It was about two and a half hours away from Edinburgh, but it took us much longer because we kept stopping off to take photos and…wee behind a rock. TMI? I was desperate.

The long drive was completely worth it because Lochawe is aptly name and breathtaking. It was a cold, crisp winter day and the loch was so still which gave a beautiful, clear reflection.

Kilchurn Castle on Lochawe

The shores of the loch were frozen and in the midday sun you could hear the ice cracking and beginning to melt.

Ice patterns at Lochawe

It was such a winter wonderland that I’m not entirely sure that it wasn’t Narnia. I mean, look at it. Tell me it isn’t beautiful. You can’t do it can you?

Lochawe shores in winter

Kilchurn Castle

I’m pretty sure that it should be illegal to put pylons behind a castle. It’s a castle for goodness sake! ELECTRICITY, YOU’RE RUINING PERFECTLY STUNNING CASTLES! I think we can all agreed that, somehow, science needs to provide clear pylons.


I ache a little inside looking at these photos; I could have happily stayed there forever.

We’re going back to Scotland in April and I’ll be going back to the shores of Lochawe to show my Mum and Nan. I’d love to move up there and work in a cake shop. Every good town has a cake shop.

If you ever go to Scotland, I urge you to visit Kilchurn Castle on Lochawe. It is entirely worth it.