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LIGHTS live at The Deaf Institute, Manchester

February 5, 2015


If you’ve been paying attention to my fangirling, you will probably know that I am a huge fan of Canadian electro-pop artist LIGHTS and last Saturday I finally got to see her live.

She’s relatively unheard of in the UK so when she last toured in England about three years ago I missed out because I had no one to go with.

When she announced her UK tour back in the autumn I bought two tickets and decided I was taking someone with me, whether they liked it or not. That someone ended up being Tom and he actually said ‘it was alright’, which is a big compliment from someone who won’t listen to anything that doesn’t involve screaming or Matt Tuck.

LIGHTS was fantastic, even better than I thought she would be, and it didn’t end there. I heard that she was doing a thing where the first 50 people to buy a copy of Little Machines from the merch stand got a meet and greet but I had a cold brewing and I couldn’t be bothered to stand outside the venue for hours in the hope that I might get a wristband.

When we rocked up about half past 7, to my surprise, they still had a few wristbands left and even though I have a copy of Little Machines on vinyl, I don’t have it on CD for the car and I wasn’t going to pass-up the chance of meeting one of my favourite artists.

Of course being the awkward person I am, I then spent the next two hours stressing about what to say.

She was lovely though and really sweet and gave me a hug, which perhaps wasn’t super wise because I had a terrible cold. My bad.

All in all, I had a great night and Tom seemed to enjoy himself and if not, it’s tough – he made me see Bullet For My Valentine three times in one year when they were touring with their last album. Not that I mind because I do like them but I really didn’t like their last album, it was lazy.

Have you got any gigs lined up for the next few months? Please, fangirl away!

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  • Sounds like I’m missing out, I love electro pop so I’m definitely going to check her out. I’m in a bit of a music rut so I’m not fangirling over anyone to be honest.

    • Rosie

      Ooh let me know if you enjoy listening to LIGHTS, I find she’s the only artist I can listen to when I’m writing, she does wonders for my creativity.

  • Abi Pearson

    Ah! I’m so jealous! I love her. She’s awesome, and I love her music. 😀

    • Rosie

      *High five* You have awesome taste in music Abi!

      • Abi Pearson


  • That’s great that you had a fun time and got to meet her 🙂 I made my husband go with me to watch The Script perform in August… he likes some of their songs but isn’t as obsessed with them as I am but let me tell you – I turned to look at him during the concert and he was laughing, clapping his hands and singing along… I was like HEEEEYYYYY YOU’RE HAVING FUN! lol I was glad he was having a good time too! Now we are BOTH excited to see The Script perform again!


  • So awesome! Obviously being Canadian she is really promoted over here, but it’s good to know she’s got some UK fans. I’m so happy that you got to meet her too!

    I don’t actually have any plans for upcoming concerts. We have a couple of big music festivals in the summer here, but the lineups haven’t been announced yet. I’ll probably plan around those. 🙂

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

    • Rosie

      I’m always surprised that she’s not as popular over here. Yes, I’m biased but I don’t get why she isn’t bigger here.

      That’s cool, have you been to many festivals? We have loads of big ones in the UK but I’ve never been to one, I’m sure I’d get stuck behind the tallest people in the place all weekend.

  • ohhh, this is AWESOME. Seriously, how cool to meet a real-live music-magician. heeh. Okay, well, maybe not magician, but people who sing/play are so so amazing. There’s so much soul in what they do! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone live. Unless, maybe, the Wiggles when I was like 3? Let’s not count that.

    • Rosie

      I’d still go with music-magician, I can play guitar or make noises that sound like singing, I cannot do them at the same time.

      I don’t know what the Wiggles are but it sounds scary.