The Guinness Storehouse tour

The Guinness Storehouse

While going through my external hard drive the other day, I realised I’d not typed up a few adventures from my trip to Ireland last October, so let’s pick up with our trip to the Guinness Storehouse. 

I’m not a big drinker at all but I do like Guinness and it’s probably Tom’s favourite alcoholic tipple, so the Guinness Storehouse was a must when we went to Ireland. 

Guinness is still brewed at St. James’ Gate, which Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease on back in 1759 for £45. That’s what you call vision (and a good deal) isn’t it?

I can’t help but wonder whether or not it will see it to the end of it’s 9,000 year lease because that’s a hell of a long time. 

Everyone's Irish on March 17th

The tour was pretty interesting, though I will say it’s not the best brewery tour I’ve been on. It is the second best though.

When I worked in a bar a few years ago, we went to the Banks’ brewery and you actually got to walk around the brewery itself and see the beer being brewed but to be fair to Guinness that would probably be hugely impractical for them. 

As well as reading about how it’s made, you got to see the old adverts and advertising posters. The one I found most interesting was a campaign run in the 1920s which said ‘Guinness is good for you’, because market research told them that people felt better after a pint of the black stuff.

Can you imagine seeing an advertising campaign today which said an alcoholic drink was good for you? It kind of reminds me of my Grandad who once told my Dad that smoking was good for you because it makes you cough and that clears his lungs…let’s just ignore the reason that you need to clear your lungs is because of smoking shall we?  

Guinness taps

Mini Guinness tasting glass

One of the best parts of the tour for me was the Guinness tasting class. We were given adorable little Guinness glasses and the taster told us about how you would taste different things in different parts of your mouth. Somehow I managed to do that wrong because she told us we would be able to taste sweetness at the front of our mouths and I didn’t get that. 

The final, and my favourite, part of the tour was The Gravity Bar. 

Here you’re entitled to your free pint of Guinness and you get to drink it while taking in panoramic views of Dublin and out across the beautiful Wicklow mountains. 

Unfortunately it was incredibly busy up there, even in the middle of the week, and the place seems far too small considering this is where people will really take their time and won’t be in a hurry to move on, so we couldn’t find anywhere to sit. 

That being said, the views more than made up for it and it was only when we were up there, that we realised how far we had walked because we spotted the Aviva Stadium, which we’d visited in the morning, and it looked so far away.

I’ll try to post about our tour around the Aviva Stadium next week. It seems very apt with the Six Nations going on at the moment.  

I can also confirm that it’s true that Guinness tastes better in Ireland. 

Do you like Guinness? 


  • When I lived at home on Anglesey, we took a few trips on the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin, and so I have visited the Guinness Storehouse a few times. The Gravity Bar is fabulous, I agree. Looks like you had a great trip.

    • Rosie

      I think I would be visiting Dublin every weekend if I could afford it. I’m not sure what it is about Ireland, but I always feel so at home there.

  • Oh wow that view is amazing! And haha smoking is good for you, that’s funny! So interesting to see how much times have changed.


    • Rosie

      There were some much better views but unfortunately the camera caught reflections in the window so you could really see the view anymore.

      It is isn’t it? It makes me wonder what things will be like in the future. What will people talk about and think that what we’re doing now is ridiculous and say ‘I can’t believe they thought that was good for them!’

  • carlyvanwatts

    My dad is standing by the adage that Guinness is good for you! x

    • Rosie

      My Dad would agree. I remember my Dad telling me to drink Guinness because of the iron content 😛

  • I did it when I went to Dublin it’s amazing! The central hall has the shape of a pint it’s just amazing! The top bar has one of the best view in Dublin, I really liked it too 🙂

    • Rosie

      I remember when we first went in and they do the short welcome speech and we were told it’s the biggest pint glass in the world / Europe (I can’t remember) and we all looked up and were like ‘ohhhh yeah.’

      It’s a stunning view isn’t it?

  • At uni I lived on Guinness or at least that is what it felt like. I think I drank a little too much though and can no longer stomach it. Ha! A tour of the factory would be pretty lovely though, especially with such wonderful views at the end. x

    • Rosie

      Haha, oh that’s impressive. Guinness is pretty darn stodgy and filing, takes me ages to get through a pint. Though it takes me ages to get through a pint of cider too.

      The views are more than worth it, they were stunning and it was a beautiful day.

  • Seeing the old ads must have been fascinating- it’s always so fun looking at them and seeing what worked to hook people in during that time. And 9,000 years?! Holy smokes that’s intense. And a tad cocky I must say, haha!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    • Rosie

      It is isn’t it, I’d love to have been there when he suggested a 9,000 year lease. Their faces must have been priceless.

  • I’m really not a big beer drinker – it’s just one of those things that no matter how much I drink, I feel sick the next day. That being said, I’ve been on a few brewery tours and they are a fun way to spend an afternoon.

    I think that seeing the old ads would have been my favorite part. And it’s hilarious – but no duh people feel better after a drink!!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

    • Rosie

      I’m not a big drinker either, I tend to fall asleep. Last year the most alcohol I had in one go (by which I mean spread over about 2 hours) was 2 pints of beer and the walls were moving. I was in a hotel and I was thinking ‘how am I going to get up these stairs when they’re moving.’

  • I love Dublin! I’ve been on the Guinness tour twice now! It def tastes better in Ireland and the views from the bar at the top are spectacular! Lx

    • Rosie

      They are, I wish they had more seats though so there was more space for people to sit down and enjoy the view.