Society should teach girls not to worry about their appearance, not schoolboys

 Huffington Post screenshot

Some of you may have seen comments made by a child expert in the Telegraph on Wednesday who said that boys should tell girls about their idea of a perfect woman to try and combat girls concerns about their appearance. 

As you might expect this annoyed a few people, myself included. I did what I always do when I get frustrated; I wrote it all down. Then by some miracle the Huffington Post UK let me put it on their blog. 

You can read my piece here: Society Should Teach Girls Not to Worry About Their Appearance, Not Boys 

What do you think about it? 



  • Great article Rosie, congratulations. Boys should not tell girls what they believe to be the characteristics of an ideal girl. We should bring up girls to have confidence in themselves and not need the validation of boys in the playground. I know I would not accept a man telling me how to make myself perfect in his eyes!

    • Thanks Llinos. I don’t think anyone has the right to tell anyone how they should look, and I’d like to think that if anyone told me I’d have a few choice words but I’m sure it would still hurt to hear that.

  • carlyvanwatts

    Just going to head over and have a read of your article now! Yeah, I thought this was ridiculous too. ‘Child expert’ what a load of nonsense. xxx

    • Thanks Carly. I can see what he was trying to get at but I don’t really think it solves the issue and it shouldn’t be the responsibility of schoolboys alone to try and help. It’s a lot of pressure on them to say the right thing and how can you be sure that some people wouldn’t say something mean because they thought it was funny, not realising how impactful those comments could be.

  • Kudos to you Rosie!!! I absolutely agree with you. And I’m so proud of you for getting published in HuffPo again!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket