Saying goodbye to my first car


Last night I dropped my car off at the garage in anticipation for getting my new car tonight. 

I’m one of those people who gets overly attached to objects and feels genuinely guilty for getting rid of something. I feel like if I get rid of something, I’m getting rid of the memories. On top of that, I do feel a bit guilty because my Dad bought me it. 

When I first had this car and when I first passed my driving test, it represented freedom for me. I didn’t have to beg my parent for lifts, or hope I could get a lift to a concert, and I could go out whenever I wanted to. 

I went on my first holiday without my family in this car, I drove around for a couple of hours in it after breaking up with my first boyfriend, Tom and I have been all over the place in it, and it’s taken me to so many wonderful places. I’m sure we all have fond memories of things that have happened in cars. 

I’m going to close this blog post out with an on point song recommendation: This Car by Cassadee Pope. I’ve been a huge fan of Cassadee since she was in Hey Monday and her album makes for pretty good car singalong music too. 

Tell me about your first car

  • Oh my god I used to love Hey Monday! I recently got a new car and it was a bit difficult to say goodbye to my first car, but as it wasn’t my first “own” car (I share it with my mum) I don’t think I’d quite built up the same attachment. Plus I hadn’t even been driving it for a year and it was getting a bit temperamental at times too! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  • I’m with you on the attachment to objects. We gave our first couple car back this year and after having lots of adventures in it and it being with us since the beginning of our relationship, it was rather oddly hard. Funny isn’t it, how memories and feelings can be attached to objects? xx

  • Yep totally know what you mean. I had my car from like 16-21 when I was living in NZ and I drove every single day – that car was part of me!! Having to sell it to move to theUK was tough. We have just got a car over here now, 2 years later so I feel as though I have had a long enough mourning period!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • I can imagine that it’s strange to let go of your first car. I am still driving mine! Knowing me, I will have it until it’s no longer roadworthy. Happy driving with your new car!