Killin & the Falls of Dochart

Falls of Dochart, Killin

We’re almost at the end of my posts about my trip to Scotland; I think this is going to be the penultimate post! 

On the last day of our holiday, we explored the town we were staying in, Killin.

Killin, near Loch Tay

Tree roots

In the morning, we took a walk around the shores of Loch Tay, in search of a crannog. It was marked on the map, so we thought there must be something there. 

Loch Tay, Killin

Unfortunately, all that’s there now is a piece of land jutting out into the loch (where the clump of light green trees are sticking out into the loch) that you can’t possibly walk on and get to the end where the crannog should have been. While I was a little disappointed, I wasn’t too disappointed because we knew there was a replica one built at the other end of Loch Tay. 

Grass and trees

St Fillan's Episcopal Church, Killin

We walked back through town and pre-ordered our pizza for the evening. (We’d spotted a sign saying ‘pizza Friday’ on the first day, and decided it would be a good meal to end our holiday.) 

We then made our way towards the Falls of Dochart. On the first trip into town, I spotted these and I’d been excited about visiting all week. 

Falls of Dochart, Killin

Falls of Dochart

The Falls of Dochart, are a collection of waterfalls which run through the middle of Killin, and my are they stunning. 

There are plenty of huge rocks around, so you can explore the falls quite easily. It was a nice, sunny day, so I decided to eat an ice cream sat on a huge rock at the edge of the water. 

Falls of Dochart, Killin

Falls of Dochart, Killin

Despite the noise from the water, it was surprisingly peaceful. I found myself wishing I’d have put a book in my bag, because I’m quite sure it would have been lovely to read a book while surrounded by waterfalls. 

I had to practically be dragged away from the falls, because they were so beautiful. I could happily have stayed there all day. 


We walked back across the bridge to head to the car, because we were planning to visit the other end of Loch Tay, when Tom spotted a stye over the other side of the bridge. He decided this obviously meant that we could climb over it and view the falls from the other side. 

So, over we climbed and we explored the other side, where we found a few more falls. 

Falls of Dochart

Killin and the Falls of Dochart were so beautiful, and are well worth a visit if you’re up in that part of the world. 

The next two travel posts will be about my trip to Cambridge, so the final post about my Scottish adventure will be up in three weeks. 

Have you ever visited waterfalls before? 

  • I haven’t been to Killin since I was really young but I remember the Falls of Dochart so vividly! It’s such a lovely place and I loved clambering over all of the rocks. Gorgeous photos xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    • Thanks Charlotte, it’s so beautiful isn’t it? I wish I could go back right now.

  • What a beautiful spot! It’s been far too long since I’ve been up to Scotland – these falls will have to be on my list next time 🙂

  • What a gorgeous place, on my weekend to Edinburgh last weekend I loved the train journey through some gorgeous places in Scotland. I will visit again sometimes and stop at some of them



    • Oh I bet that was a wonderful train ride. It’s such a beautiful country, I can’t believe I didn’t go before now.

  • Such beautiful photos! I absolutely loved Edinburgh but I’d really like to explore a few other places up there!

    Rachael at

    • Edinburgh is a beautiful city, but out in the country, it’s breathtaking. It’s all so untouched and quiet as well.

  • I love waterfalls. They are just amazing, and breathtaking, and evocative. Looking forward to the Cambridge posts, I have never been there.

    • Aren’t they just? I always find that things like waterfalls remind me of how small and insignificant humans are, because that waterfall has been there for thousands of years.

  • Totally had to google what a crannog was – but shame you couldn’t find it! I always love coming across waterfalls – there’s a famous house here in the US that I long to see (Fallingwater) that is built over some waterfalls.

    • Ah! I meant to put a link in to a photo or website, I’ll do that later.

      I just googled that house, wow. Can you imagine living there? It’d be so cool.

  • Now that I think about it, I’ve visited a fair amount of waterfalls during my travels. I guess the US has a lot of them… For how loud and powerful they can be, I feel so peaceful around them. Perhaps because there usually aren’t that many people around.

    • Yeah, and maybe it’s because it drowns out any noise around you, and reminds you of the force of nature? I imagine they’d make good places to read for that reason as well, as long as you didn’t get your book wet of course.

  • The pictures are so beautiful!! Waterfalls are some of my favourite things.

    Andreea Catsfika

    • They’re so breathtakingly beautiful aren’t they?

      • Yes! And the sounds they make! It’s noisy but peaceful at the same time.

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