Scaredy Cat Adventures: Sunrise Photography

Sunrise over Cannock Chase

Heather over Cannock Chase

A couple of weeks ago, I realised that I’d never actually watched the sun come up. Sure, I’ve been up when the sun is rising, but I’ve never actually watched it. 

Realising that I have a photography competition coming up soon, I decided it was time to right that. How do you get to 23-years-old without properly appreciating the sun rising? It’s even more ridiculous when I tell you that I live a 10-minute drive from an Area of Outstanding Beauty. Pretty embarrassing. I have no excuse. 

Sunrise over Cannock Chase

Sunrise over Cannock Chase

A couple of Thursday’s ago, my Mum and I left the house at around 6am (that’s about an hour and a half before I’m normally even awake!) and headed to one of our favourite spots.

I’m fascinated by space. I love thinking about it until my brain is aching from trying to comprehend the universe. How amazing is it, that there’s this ball of burning hot gas 92.96 million miles away that heats our planet. Every. Single. Day. To me, that’s mindblowing. 

Sunrise over Cannock Chase

Sunrise over Cannock Chase

It’s easy to take things that are always there for granted, and I enjoyed taking the time to watch the sun come up. Especially in the week; I find quiet time energises me and makes the rest of the week feel a lot easier. 

My Mum had to go to work earlier than me, so she left after a while. Leaving me alone, in the middle of this beautiful landscape, with nothing but a couple of deer and a sunrise. 

Scaredy Cat Adventures

You may have spotted ‘Scaredy Cat Adventures’ at the beginning of this post and be wondering what on earth that means. 

I’m scared of a lot of things. Things that perhaps a lot of people find easy and don’t even think twice about doing. Scaredy Cat Adventures is my way of documenting, and encouraging myself, to do things that scare me and try to deal with those fears. 

One of my favourite quotes ever is from Divergent: 

Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it. – Four, Divergent

That’s what I want to do. I don’t know how often I will post Scaredy Cat Adventures, but every time I do something that I consider scary, I will blog about it, and maybe some of you can relate to me about some of my fears. 

What’s scary about sunrise photography? Well, it’s not the sunrise photography itself that scares me, it’s being in a secluded spot that scares me. 

Though I am an introvert and I’m happy to be alone in one part of the house, I don’t really like being completely alone and knowing there’s no one around to help me. 

My Mum was there to start with, but then she went. I didn’t stress and run to the car, like I thought I might. I stayed for another 45-minutes, until I absolutely had to go to work, and I was fine. Perfectly fine. 

Let’s not call this a fear conquered, but I feel a little more comfortable and confident about being there on my own now. 

  • What a lovely post. That quote has seriously got me thinking, maybe it’ll give me a kick up the bum to conquer or acquaint myself with my fears some day. The photos you got are breathtaking! You are very lucky ❤️
    Bee |

    • Thanks, Bee 🙂 We’re so lucky to live so close to such a huge, and beautiful place.

      I love that quote. It’s one of my favourites.

  • What gorgeous photos!

  • Incredible photos! I 100% get what you mean about being alone, but I’d always have in the back of my mind ‘If I don’t feel comfortable, I can just walk to the car’.

    I think I would’ve been completely in my element sat in these photos. You’re so lucky to live near such beautiful-ness haha xxx

    Sarah Speaks

    • I definitely am, and I’m trying to take advantage of it at the moment and explore new parts of it.

  • Thinking about space makes my brain ache too! Sometimes I try to imagine the vastness of it. I enjoy being alone at home or going for a solitary walk, but yes there is a line where that crosses to being uncomfortable.

    • Mine too. I mean, where does it end? Surely it has to end? It’s too early for me to be thinking about mind bending stuff like that.

  • I love the meaning behind this series. Im a bit of an introvert – more in social situations (i really enjoy being in the middle of nowhere alone) so I fully understand the need to push yourself into new things. Looks well worth the early morning wake up too!

    • Oh it was definitely worth getting up early for.

      I’m so glad there are people who feel the same. I knew there would be people who felt the same, but to see people say it is comforting.

  • I love the idea behind this series. I know the feeling very well, having to push myself often too (usually always very happy to have done so in the end, it’s the actual “pushing” that’s the hardest!).

    The first sunrise I ever saw was in Barcelona, over the sea. It was amazing. I’d been used to sunsets over the sea, not sunrises! 🙂

    Your pictures are lovely. What a beautiful place to live next to!

  • carlyvanwatts

    This is a lovely idea 🙂 And it’s great that you can document these adventures too, because then you can look back and see all that you’ve achieved and the different fears that you have conquered. Thank you for sharing these stunning photographs! xxx