Share The Love – November

Share the love November

My brain is still in October, so it was quite surprised to learn that we’re actually in December.

Blog – Afternoon Espresso

I don’t follow a lot of fashion blogs, but Afternoon Espresso is definitely an exception to that. I want Ashley’s wardrobe so badly. She’s got a brilliant style, her photos are stunning, and she makes me want to make more of an effort with my clothes. I mean, how cosy-looking is this outfit?


Blog posts I enjoyed in November

I read a lot of fantastic blog pots in November, so this month’s list of blog posts I’m sharing with you is much longer than normal. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these as much as I did.

How to read more – Sincerely Sara | We all want to read more don’t we? Some handy tips from Sara about how to read more.

Is social media fake? – Robowecop | An interesting read from Rhianna about whether or not social media is fake.

Swedish pancakes – Kitchen Treaty | These look so delicious. This Sunday, I am going to make some of these!

5 ways to beat bloggers block – Northern Blog | I’ve been struggling with a bit of bloggers block the past few weeks, mostly because I’ve been so busy, so any tips for busting bloggers block are always welcome.

Maybe we’re all just a little bit ‘crazy’ – Oddly Lovely | If you’ve read a few of my Share The Love posts, you will no doubt have seen Oddly Lovely pop up a few times now. I love Cat’s blog, and once again she’s written a thought-provoking post.

The busy girl’s handbag guide to getting organised – Elelibee | Do I even need to say any more?

My imaginary magical home – The Lilac Linnet | Llinos and I had a conversation about this a couple of months ago, and it made me smile reading about her imaginary home. I bagsy her treehouse.

It’s not necessarily a mental health issue – The Everywhereist | Geraldine’s take on people blaming shootings on mental illness.



In November, I was mostly listening to Kacey Musgraves and 5 Seconds of Summer. I will make no apologies for loving 5SOS.



In November, I discovered Vampire Diaries on Netflix and I love it. I’m having to be very disciplined with myself though, otherwise I’d have got no university work done at all.



I only read two books in November. Let that sink in for a moment. Two. Books. That’s pretty bad. In October, I felt like I’d read less than I actually had but in November, I feel like I’ve read more books than I have. How can I have only read two books in one whole month?!

My favourite of the two books I read in November was, The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith. It was the perfect smushy, cosy book for a winter’s evening.


Most popular posts on Eat Read Glam in November

What did you enjoy in November? Feel free to share some links too 🙂