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Take A Deep Breath

January 25, 2016

Snow scene, Cannock Chase forest

I relish each breath, burning as it the freezing air hits the back of my throat. With each step, my feet get colder but I keep on walking, focusing on the tingling sensation in my toes.

Out here, the only sound to be heard is the birds in the trees and the distant babbling of a stream. There isn’t anything else but this, right now, that matters. The weight on shoulder is getting lighter and lighter with each step, as if it were a deflating balloon.


The past couple of weeks have been a little stressful for me, with assignment deadlines and my first lot of exams in about five years. I got two out of the way last week (I think they went alright) and I have my last one for this semester on Thursday.

Since finishing my second exam last Wednesday, I feel a lot more relaxed and like I can breathe easier. My last exam is the one I’m least confident about, so I definitely appreciate the extra few days to get some more revision in.

How have you been lately?

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  • oh good luck for this final exam!! YOU GO TTHIS. I’d say “don’t stress” but since when does saying that work? SO HEAR EAT CHOCOLATE AND I HOPE YOU DO WELL. *nods*

    • Haha, you’re right; it never helps. I hear you on the tasty treats front, thank you, you’ve made me feel better about the half packet of Oreos I’ve just eaten.

  • Good luck! Sounds like you have things totally under control!

    I don’t know what it is about 2016 but it’s been a manic year so far. So busy!

    • Thank you, Sorcha. Yeah, it seems to be going so fast already. SLOW DOWN, TIME!

  • Sarah Albertson

    Your beautiful words really make me imagine the most refreshing and calming walk through the woods. I hope your exam goes really smoothly this Thursday. Best of luck!!!

  • Sending you so much luck for the exams! Work has been manic for me recently and I’ve been doing 6 day week’s, so I definitely relate to the stress.

    • Thanks, Llinos. I’m definitely needing all the luck right now. Wow, I hope you’re managing to find time to unwind and have fun amongst all of that.

  • Wishing you the best of luck for your last exam! x

  • Exams can be sooo stressful. Good luck Rosie!!