30-Day Vegan Challenge | Week #2


I have now completed my second week without eating cheese!

I don’t feel like there’s a huge amount to say in addition to last week’s update because I haven’t found it hard. Well, I tell a lie; I went out for a meal on Monday and there was no choice but to eat a non-vegan meal. There were no vegan meals on the menu. I had a veggie burger which, for some reason, had cheese in it. I have no idea why because it’s not necessary and I couldn’t even taste it – so that was a bit annoying.

When I started this challenge, I knew that eating out would be the hardest part because so few places near me are vegan-friendly.

In other news, I read that Ben & Jerry’s are releasing a vegan range which makes me so happy. It’s nice to see a big, international brand acknowledge vegan diets or people who are lactose intolerant. I’m not sure if / when it will be available in the UK, but I hope they bring it over here.

I’m continuing to feel better in myself and am enjoying cooking, and experimenting with new things. Here are a couple of recipes I’ve enjoyed this last week:

What recipes have you been enjoying recently?

  • Yum! These brownies look delicious.

  • Cat

    I can’t believe the veggie burger had cheese INSIDE of it! That’s so weird and unnecessary. I’m not sure if you know this, but Ben and Jerry’s have a VERY hippie reputation. One of the founders used to be a regular at Burning Man and would actually distribute free ice cream there! Vermont, the state where they’re from, has a pretty hippie vibe. All of this to say that while I’m not surprised they’re going into vegan ice cream, it is still very, very cool 🙂

    • It doesn’t make sense at all because you couldn’t taste it, and it’s completely unnecessary – it annoyed me.

      I knew they had quite a laid back reputation but I didn’t know that. I’m so happy to see that they’re offering a vegan line, I hope other brands will follow suit.

  • I saw the Ben and Jerry’s news and thought of you! Definitely checking out those brownies.

    • They’re well worth a try, Llinos. They’re so delicious, and they’re all gone already.

  • carlyvanwatts

    Ah, I can imagine eating out could sometimes be a little tricky but it’s still a shame that there weren’t any options on the menu! Good news about Ben & Jerry’s though! xxx

    • I keep going into Tesco and checking out the freezer aisle to see if they’ve appeared in there yet – unfortunately they haven’t made an appearance yet.

  • Must be frustrating to go to a restaurant and not see any vegan options. I would fail at being vegan so fast. Whenever I go out to eat, mac and cheese is the first thing I get. Sooo delicious.

    Omg those vegan brownies look so yummy!