Here’s To You

Whiskey burns the back of my throat, as a tear threatens to sting my eye,

How has it been two years already, since your premature goodbye,

The wounds form scars, the marks you left on our lives,

So we’ll raise a glass as we remember you tonight.


People worry about leaving a legacy, but you’ll never be forgotten,

You’ll live on through hundreds of stories, everyone who knew you has got one,

Truly, no one has a bad word to say and they speak about you with a smile that reaches their eyes,

And there a little bits of you in all of us; you’re our family tie.


You had a great life, and should be proud of what you did,

A wonderful 52 year marriage, loving kids and grand kids,

So if death is nothing at all, maybe we’ll met again some day,

We can sit around and talk for hours, laugh whatever comes next away.


Here’s to you for teaching us that family is strong,

Here’s to you for showing us that love isn’t always perfect, but it’s ours,

Here’s to you for teaching us to unapologetically be who we are,

Here’s to you for breaking all of our hearts.


I can’t believe that last Thursday marked two years since my Grandad died. It simultaneously feels like forever and no time at all.