An afternoon at The Roaches

The Roaches

The Roaches

A couple of weeks ago, after my morning lecture finished, I realised that I had nothing planned and could do anything I wanted, and spent the afternoon at The Roaches.

Sometimes I get this need that just builds up and up and up, until it boils over, to spend some time on my own outside. If you’ve ever got the ‘urge’ to get a piercing or a tattoo – it’s that exact same feeling, but to be outside. I’m not the kind of person who likes to always been on their own, but I find being on my own outside really energising. It’s difficult to put into words, but I think Cat from Oddly Lovely did a great job of describing it in a recent post called “I Am a Loner”.

With the realisation that “anywhere” would have to be about an hour’s drive away, I quickly settled upon The Roaches on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands and the Peak District. I always forget how beautiful it is up there – the sun was shining and I wished I’d got a dash cam so I could have captured some footage of how breathtaking it was.

The RoachesThe Roaches

Since it was the middle of the day on a Thursday, it was silent up there. It was like I had the whole place to myself; I saw a couple of rock climbers and a small group of walkers, and that was it. It was me, my camera, and some music.

Abandoned house, The RoachesInside an abandoned house, The RoachesView from an abandoned house, The Roaches

Could you imagine what it must have been like to live in this house? How wonderful the view out the front door must have been every morning.

View over Tittesworth Reservoir from The RoachesView from The RoachesThe Roaches

I climbed up two parts of the Roaches, and enjoyed my lunch perched on the edge with my sandwiches, a flask, and a good book. The cold wind up there was certainly refreshing.

When it got back, I decided to do some research into The Roaches and discovered that they’re are a couple of strange stories about goings on up there.

The Roaches

The first is that their was (and may still be) a small colony of wallabies roaming around after they were released from a private collection in the 30s.

The second is that a mermaid allegedly lives in Doxey Pool (which I want to go and find because it looks beautiful). She supposedly fell in one day while out walking, and spends her afterlife trying to drag other people in to join her. I suspect she’s not trying to drag them in for a tea party either.

It was so nice to get away from everything and I returned home with my boots covered in mud and my mind clear and energised.

Do you like spending time on your own?

  • This is stunning. What a beautiful place. And that view and that sky! What a special moment! x

    • The sky was so cool. When I first got there, there was hardly a cloud in the sky but it got pretty moody looking quickly.

  • Yikes that mermaid sounds MEAN. I read Cat’s post too and yes, there is definitely something about being alone, especially in nature, that is really moving.

  • Sarah Albertson

    Oh my gosh what an amazing place! I do get extreme urges to just be out in nature, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees and mountains. It is so refreshing! However, I am a scaredy cat so I usually want to drag my husband along or a close friend.

    • I know what you mean, going up there on my own was quite a big thing for me. It was so nice though.

  • Ohh this looks gorgeous! I do love getting out into the countryside, always makes me feel so much better. I need to visit here next time I’m up North!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Yes! Definitely do. It’s crazy busy in the summer, there’s hardly anywhere to park, so try to visit in the week in the summer, or before summer 😛

  • I definitely understand the calling for spending time alone in the outdoors. It’s so refreshing. And what a view! I wish there were landscapes like that in my neck of the woods.

  • What a beautiful view! The mermaid story kinda scares me though lol I LOVE spending time alone! I am definitely a loner. I do like company too though. I said it once in one of my posts on my blog, I like being alone but I hate feeling lonely. Like, if I’m here in my room just on my computer (like I am now) but I have someone texting me, asking me what I am doing, then I am happy. Because I don’t feel lonely. Someone is thinking about me, and that does make me happy. But I’m perfectly fine spending an entire day alone. I love it, and need it lol