Let the wanderlust take control | San Francisco & Canada

Looking out of a plane over a sunset

Source: Unsplash

I live in a constant state of wanderlust, and it doesn’t take much to have me researching trips and trawling SkyScanner for cheap flights.

A couple of weekends ago, I was talking to a colleague about the month long trip she’s taking to Australia this summer; that was all it took for me to start researching a trip of my own.

The problem was, I couldn’t choose.

Canada is a place that has been on my travel list for well over 10 years. Between you and me, I first fell in love with Canada when I was 10 years old and became obsessed with Avril Lavigne. Since then, I’ve longed to explore the beautiful lakes, have my breath taken away at the top of a trail, and maybe spot a wild bear (from a very safe distance – I was surprised to discover that ‘bear spray’ is an actual thing).

San Francisco joined my travel list in a geography lesson one day, when we were learning about earthquakes. I’m sure earthquake videos are not how you’re supposed to fall in love with a city, but hey ho. It’s such a stylish looking city, with the painted ladies, the imposing Golden Gate bridge, and the humongous trees, it had me hooked.

With my heart torn in both directions, I simply decided not to choose; to do both.

It took a lot of hours on SkyScanner, Booking.com, AirBnB, (and some incredible kindness), and I’ve worked out a plan that allows me to see both places for a heck of a lot less money than I expected. (Note to UK travelers: fly into Oakland International – Norwegian Air now do direct flights from Gatwick to Oakland for less than £200 one way, instead of double with a stop off, or triple to go direct with other airlines. Thank you to Cat at Oddly Lovely for letting me know, and generally being wonderful.)

Towards the end of the summer, I’ll be heading off on my own to immerse myself in places I’ve dreamed of visiting for years.

The thought of travelling solo is simultaneously liberating and scary. I won’t be on my own for the entire trip, but the thought of exploring Canada on my own and not meeting anyone is a little daunting for me.  Conversely, the idea of being dependent on myself is exciting.

If you’ve got any suggestions for places to see and do in San Francisco and the Banff / Jasper region of Canada, please let me know.

What’s next on your bucket list?