Longing for a duvet day

Time for a duvet day

It’s funny, when you’re a kid you can’t wait to be an adult and think everything is so straight forward; you get a job doing what you love straight away, you get a house, you get married, you have kids, you think you have your shit together by 24 – ahahaha. No.

What actually happens is, you reach 24 and you look around and think, “well, at least most other people seem to have no clue what’s going on here too.”

Growing up is strange and it seems weirder yet that very few people ever try to correct your view of the future when you’re a kid. Maybe it’s because you couldn’t possibly comprehend the complexity of the real world when your biggest responsibility is doing your homework, or feeding your pet goldfish – but your Mum will feed it anyway because you’ll forget, despite promising you wouldn’t.

I digress.

I am all for getting things done, moving forward, and reaching goals, but right now I would love a duvet day. It would be nice to wake up and know that today, nothing is expected from me.

With university pressure really cranking up now that my dissertation deadline is looming closer, I really could do with a day to recharge my mental batteries. A day of sitting in bed, or building a duvet fort on the sofa, watching stuff on Netflix and only getting up to go to the bathroom or to get food.

When did life suddenly get so chaotic? I have this mental calendar in my head and there’s work, university, things I need to do, visiting people; and very little time for just doing nothing. That probably sounds very selfish but I’m an introvert and I find constantly being around loads of people exhausting (by loads I think I mean 3+), and I need time to chill.

Hands up who needs a duvet day?