Share The Love – October 2017 Edition

Share The Love October 2017 edition

What’s this; a post on a Monday? I can’t even remember the last time I posted on a Monday. I had this post all written, but forgot to sort a photo and schedule it for last Thursday. So here it is; my belated October edition of Share The Love. 

I had a lightbulb moment about my thesis idea a couple of weeks ago and I’m really excited about where it might lead me. While juggling everything else, I’ve also started looking into PhDs because it turns out I need to apply pretty damn soon. On the theme of university, we took a field trip to a nearby wind farm which was really fun. Ironically, it was not very windy so the turbines weren’t moving but I kinda love wind turbines so it was nice to get up close to one. I’m pretty sure that could be the geekiest thing I’ve ever said on this blog but, idk; I love me some renewable energy. No, that’s the geekiest thing I’ve ever said. 

Daz and I also had a few local adventures and have discovered some wonderful beaches nearby – and visited one of them three times in just as many weeks. 

My Mum and Nan came to visit for a couple of days which was lovely because it had been two months since we last saw my Nan. Daz’s Mum and partner came up over the weekend and we had a lovely, relaxing couple of days. It was nice to catch up in person and spend some time relaxing and exploring the city more. It’s been a good couple of weeks for that. 

Towards the end of October, I decided I needed to start doing yoga again because I haven’t really done any exercise (apart from walking) since we moved. I know how good yoga is for keeping my stress levels down so I’m scheduling time in to get some done, and I’m noticing an improvement in my stress levels already. 


Blog – My Lovelier Days

I found My Lovelier Days two or three months ago, and it’s a brilliant mix of travel posts and inspiring and thoughtful posts. Diana has a wonderfully inspiring way of writing and her recent post about trusting yourself is one of my favourites. Her photography is brilliant as well; the travel photos are stunning and her other photos have such a nice, cosy vibe. 





The music I’ve been listening to this month isn’t much different to September’s, to be honest. I’m still hooked on everything that came out a few weeks ago. I put together a playlist for when I’m doing university work or when I want to get stuff done and I love it. If you want to listen to it, here’s my autumn bop playlist



Since university work is ramping up, I’ve managed to be fairly disciplined at not watching quite so many Friends re-runs. We’ve been watching the IT Crowd (never gets old), The Little Mermaid, and I’ve even had the chance to actually watch some Formula One; it’s been so long since either one of us felt some kind of up to date with F1. I find that somewhat bittersweet as two and a half years ago, it was my life and wanted I wanted to do. 



I thought it would be fun to add in a goals section so we can talk about the goals we want to achieve in the next month, talk about how we’re progressing with our goals, and help each other. Sound good? 

Since this is the first month I’m doing it, I’m not going to include a goals progress section, but I will do next month. 

November goals

  • Finish my masters thesis plan; I need to start contacting potential PhD supervisors if I want to start one next September, so I need to nail down my masters thesis plan and outline what I could expand upon during a PhD. 
  • Do yoga at least three times a week; As I mentioned in the intro, I’m feeling the benefits of doing yoga again so I want to try and do it at least three times a week. I’ve decided that if I can keep that up for a couple of months, I’ll reward myself with a new pair of yoga pants (how beautiful are they?) but only if I keep it up for two months. No slacking allowed. 
  • Read more; I took part in Cosy Reading Night a couple of weeks ago and it was so nice to dedicate three hours to reading something that wasn’t a journal article. It’s something I spoke about in my self-care post and it makes my mind feel so much more open and free – maybe that sounds weird, but it makes sense to me. 

Ok, definitely let me know what your goals are for November too!

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What did you enjoy in October? Tell me about your goals; let’s help each other and hold each other accountable 🙂