Do you think we have a sixth sense?

That’s right guys and gals, I’m going deep and thoughtful on you today. 

I wanted to talk about something I’ve been pondering for a while; do we have a sixth sense?

I’m sure we’ve all had an experience where we’ve had this feeling of dread and something bad has happened.

Two years ago my dog, Roxy, suddenly died. The day before, for no reasonable explanation I was hit with this wave of emotion about how I’d feel if she died. That night when I went to bed I decided to spend some extra time with her because my brain was just telling me ‘what if you never see her again’. The next day I was woken to the news that she’d died.

There are plenty of similar stories where people have just had a gut feeling like this. You hear stories about people on their deathbed who say things to their friends and family about when they think they will die and they turn out to be right.

Now that’s a little different as these people are already very ill but what I’m trying to say is stories where people feel a ‘sixth sense’ or a foreboding about what might happen aren’t in short supply. Though there are times we have a bad feeling about something but everything turns out fine.

Yesterday I read a really interesting (if you like this kinda thing) article on Psychology Today about the sixth sense and studies that psychologists have carried out.

A study carried out by the writer of that piece found that people do react to something bad before it has happened. The article mentions similar studies with similar results, though some of the methods used are flawed.

What do you think though? Do you think we have a sixth sense or is it just pure coincidence or people altering their recollection of an event?

Personally I believe from my own experiences that we do have some kind of sixth sense. The emotions I felt that day before my dog died are nothing like any feeling I have ever experienced.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all think in the comments.

What do you think? Do you think we have a sixth sense? 

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My name in print…kinda

I’m in an ezine! 

Some of you may know I also write about Formula One for a couple of websites and over the weekend one of my articles was published in the Grand Prix Plus ezine.

While I was at the Italian Grand Prix I organised an interview with one of the drivers physiotherapists and had a chat with him about fitness in F1.

After many hours of typing I sent it off to a journalist I met at the British Grand Prix and as a result it ended up in the Brazilian Grand Prix edition of Grand Prix Plus.

Unfortunately I can’t send you a link to the article because the magazine is subscription only but I can tell you I’m feeling pretty giddy about seeing my work in something that’s paid for.

I’ve written plenty of articles for websites but being in an paid ezine to me suggests much higher standards and is something I can begin building a portfolio with.

In terms of writing, this year has been unbelievable for me. If someone had told me when I first set up my F1 blog three years ago that I’d be writing for websites, going to races, interviewing drivers, watching a practice session from a team garage and having my work in a paid publication, I’d have called you crazy.

I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and intend to make the best of them.

If there’s a moral to this story, or something that you can take away from it whatever your goal is, it’s this: don’t give up.

Yeah it’s cheesy and it’s been said a thousand times before but I’ve thought about quitting more times than I care to think about but there’s this little burning ‘what if’ inside me that keeps me going when I’m wondering why I’ve not really had a break over the weekend or when I think it’s too hard.

What keeps you going?

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The Science Bit – Hayley Carr / London Beauty Queen | Review

The Science Bit; London Beauty Queen | Review

Ever wanted to know more about skincare? I do and I think more and more people want to know what they’re putting on their face, rather than just believing what they’re told in adverts. 

A few weeks ago I found London Beauty Queen‘s blog and decided to give her 61 page eBook The Science Bit: Delving beneath the surface of skincare and beauty, a go.

There’s no fluff or waffle; it’s to the point and contains practical advice such as; dealing with adult acne, the truth about ‘anti ageing’ products, why face wipes are ‘the worst invention ever’, and more.

If you don’t know a lot about skincare (like me) then this is perfect for you. If you already know a bit about skincare then there probably isn’t much you could learn.

For the sake of the review I’m going to be very picky and say it would have been nice to see a summary at the end of each chapter.

Although the chapters are short, having a short summary containing the key points such as ‘What ingredients to look for in a moisturiser’ ‘What ingredients to avoid in a moisturiser’ would have helped me take it in and remember it a little easier.

I intend on making sure this is downloaded on a device when I go searching for new products so I can double check what I should be looking for and what to avoid, so having it summed up would just make it easier.

At £2.05 (price correct as of posting) it isn’t going to break the bank and will be a handy resource for you when it comes to understanding what’s what, keeping your skin looking lovely and healthy and what you need to look for when you buy your next skincare product.

4.5 out of 5

Know of any other great beauty books? Let me know in the comments. 


OCD Awareness Week: OCD isn’t a ‘quirk’ or a good thing

I'm Supporting OCD Awareness Week

This is a very personal post for me. It’s something I considered posting about before but felt very nervous about it, however as this week is OCD Awareness Week I’m going to go for it. 

I’ve suffered with OCD since I was about seven years old and for the most part now it’s very mild and under control. It makes me feel like a bit of a fraud for writing about it now, but there have been times where it’s been terrible and taken over my life. If you have been (or are) in a similar situation then sometimes the best approach is to get that support from someone who can always have your back. If you would like professional help then you could take a look at going to something like the ocd center of los angeles. This might not be what you want to do but sometimes it does help people.

If I could tell you what changed and why my OCD is mild now, I would.  I’d bottle it and give it away, but unfortunately I can’t. All I can tell you is that if you’re a sufferer, I understand.

According to OCD-UK, OCD may affect as many as 12 people in every 1000. That’s nearly 1.2% of the population.

What I wanted to address is what I consider to be the biggest myth or misconception about OCD, and that is that OCD is seen and portrayed as a character quirk or a positive trait.

As someone who suffers from OCD hearing people say ‘I’m a bit OCD about how my pens are lined up’ frustrates me. I know people don’t say it out of spite, they just don’t know what it’s really like to live with the condition.

For some reason the media love to portray OCD as a positive trait or a funny character quirk and this just isn’t the case.

It’s a condition, not someone being ‘quirky’, ‘uptight’ or ‘anal’.

It isn’t just about being neat, there’s so much more to it than that and I doubt people would view it as a positive trait if they understood it. You’d never hear someone say ‘I’m OCD about clicking the lights on and off four times, because if I don’t someone I love may get hurt and that will be MY fault’.

Being clean is a good trait sure, but scrubbing your hands until they’re red raw because you’re scared of germs or what might happen if you don’t, isn’t fun.

We aren’t all ‘obsessed with cleanliness’. There are four ‘main’ categories of OCD; ruminations and intrusive thoughts, hoarding, contamination and checking things.

The way people perceive and talk about OCD is just so bizarre to me. I’ve never heard people speak like that about any other mental illness. It makes it seem like a non-problem, a minor issue that isn’t really worth worrying about.

Hearing someone say that when you’re going through a dark time makes you feel ridiculous, like you’re blowing the whole thing out of proportion. The reality is that for some people OCD consumes their every waking minute and ruins their relationships with family and friends.

If you’ve ever said ‘I’m a bit OCD like that’, please visit the OCD-UK website and read up about it. Also, if you feel you need help, get in touch with them.


Estee Lauder Raisins Duo Dupes

Estee Lauder Raisins Duo It appears that the Estee Lauder Raisins Duo eye shadow is a legend in the beauty world. Unfortunately it has been discountinued  but have no fear there are plenty of affordable (and not so affordable) dupes out there. 

I’ve done a bit of searching around and put together a list of dupes, some of these I have used myself , been recommended by other bloggers and some I’m basing on appearance alone.

To make it easier, ones I have used myself or been recommended I will mark with a *.

Estee Lauder Raisins Duo Dupes (in no particular order)

No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Duo in Iridescent Purple* – £8 or 800 points

Helen E – Sunset (Gold)* – £8  &  Aubergine £8

Smashbox – Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Vignette – £21

M.A.C – Pink Freeze Eye Shadow Quad – £30

NARS – Kuala Lumpur* – £25

Sleek – Au Naturel Nude palette*, colours Taupe and Conker- £7.99

Prices correct as of posting

There are probably more Raisins Duo dupes out there if none of those take your fancy.

Have you used any of these? Or know of a dupe I’ve missed off? 

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Raisins Duo | Review

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Raisins Duo Estee Lauder Pure Colour Duo in Raisins Estee Lauder Raisins Duo After giving up on getting my paws on the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Raisins Duo, I managed to get the very last one in the duty free shop at Manchester Airport. 

The palette is made up of two lovely colours which complement each other; a rose gold and a lovely purple which both give a lovely soft finish.

They’re both very pigmented so you don’t need to use much, especially the purple. I over estimated how much I’d need the first time I used it and ended up looking like I’d been punched. I’ve worn this pretty much every day since getting the palette (as you can probably tell from the state of the lighter colour) and I have to say it’s fantastic.

It lasts all day long and it even lasted perfectly in the heat in Italy. When I take it off at night, the colours are as vibrant as they were when I put them on in the morning.

This is the first high end eyeshadow I’ve ever owned and I’m really impressed and I believe it’s worth the money as I think it’s going to last me a long time.

The eyeshadows come in a really pretty and glamourous gold and clear case with a compact mirror on the lid. It also comes with it’s own brush, which I’ve only used a couple of times but it’s pretty good.

Unfortunately the colour has been discontinued however if you look hard there are a couple of places you can get it.

If you can get your hands on it and want to spend the money I’d recommend it. If not, keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post which will contain a list of Estee Lauders Pure Colour Raisins dupes!

Have you used Estee Lauders Raisins Palette