New Year’s Eve in Disneyland Paris

New Year's Eve in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland in Paris entrance Christmas

I am not a huge fan of New Year’s Eve to be honest and it was a complete accident that I ended up in Disneyland Paris for New Year’s Eve. I didn’t think about the dates when I was booking it at all and it dawned on me a few weeks later.

New Year’s Eve is part of the high-season, so tickets were £69 each for both parks. That meant getting up early and queuing outside the park gate for 08:30 to make sure I made the most of it. 

One of the first things I did was pick up a PhotoPass+. I though it was a bit pointless for just one day because there aren’t Disney photographers at every character meet; if you’re there for more than one day, or you’ve got little ones who want to go to a lot of character meets then it’s worth it. 

Unsurprisingly on New Years’ Eve, the queue to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse was pretty long. But hey, it’s something I wanted to do; I’ve done it now, so it was worth standing about in the cold grumbling about the cold and how slow the queue was moving (in true British fashion). 

Disneyland Paris Christmas

Disneyland Paris at Christmas

Space Mountain Disneyland Paris

The first ride of the day was Space Mountain, and I regretted it about 10 seconds in. It turns out, rollercoasters are not for me any more and I spent the next couple of hours feeling pretty motion sick. The only other ride I dared go on during the day was Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast, which was really fun and there was no fear of vomiting involved. 

Disneyland Paris parade

Disneyland paris christmas parade

Disneyland Paris parade Toy Story

Disneyland Paris parade The Lion King

Disneyland Paris parade Mickey and Minnie Mouse

In the afternoon, I watched the afternoon parade and managed to snag a decent spot with a view right down Main Street. If you want to get a decent spot, you definitely need to get there early. On the other hand, if you’re not bothered about the parade, the rest park is going to be pretty quite while it’s on. 

Dinner in the park itself wasn’t really an option because most, if not all, the restaurants in the park were doing set menus for New Year’s Eve, which were around 100 Euros per person. As soon as the parade ended, I hot footed it out of the park into the Disney Village, where I ate at Annette’s Diner. 

Almost running in public was an excellent choice because within 10 minutes of me sitting down, the queue for tables was out the door. If you’re going to Disney at New Year or at any other time where you need to book at the restaurants in the park, I recommend eating at one of the restaurants in the village as soon as the afternoon parade is over. There were queues at all of the restaurants I walked past in the village until around 10pm, so an early dinner is a wise choice; it’s not like you can’t get a snack later on if you’re feeling hungry later in the evening.

Disneyland Paris Merry Christmas

Disneyland Paris Christmas lights

Disneyland Paris Christmas tree

After stuffing myself at Annette’s, the best I could manage was a slow meander around the park before choosing a good spot for the lighting of the Christmas tree. It wasn’t quite as impressive as the afternoon parade, but it was a nice thing to see, even if the references to Christmas felt pretty out of place on the 31st of December.

Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios

Disneyland Paris Stars In Cars Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Disneyland Paris Stars In Cars Parade Toy Story

Disneyland Paris Stars In Cars Cruella

I headed over to the Walt Disney Studios just in time for the Stars In Cars parade, which had characters from Toy Story, Lilo & Stitch, the chipmunks, 101 Dalmatians, and more. 

By 9pm, I was feeling brave enough to try another rollercoaster and went on the Rock n’ Rollercoaster ft. Aerosmith. Bizarrely, I didn’t feel ill after that at all which doesn’t make any sense to me because that ride is in the dark and disorientating, just like Space Mountain.

There was an awkward hour and a bit after that when I was at a bit of a loose end because there wasn’t much else to do. Around 11pm, I picked a spot in front of the castle to watch the midnight show and did mini dances to keep warm. Luckily, some guy nearby provided me with some entertainment shouting about how his fireworks were better than Drayton Manor’s and were probably going to be better than Disneyland’s also. 

Disneyland paris New Years Eve Countdown

Disneyland Paris New Year's Eve show

10 seconds before the start of 2016, a countdown was projected onto the castle and as the clock struck midnight, Disney’s Dreams of Christmas show began. Again, it felt a little out of place given that Christmas had been and gone, but it was special and a pretty different way to celebrate the new year.

Disneyland paris New Year's fireworks

Behind me, I could see the fireworks from the Walt Disney Studios being set off. It was a fantastic way to ring in 2016.

Disneyland Paris new year's eve

Disneyland Paris New Year's Eve

Disneyland paris New Year's Eve

I’m glad I ended up in Disneyland Paris for New Year’s Eve, and I’d definitely recommend it. There’s something quite fun and special about spending the first few moments of a new year humming along to Let It Go with a few thousand other people.


If you’re going to visit Disneyland Paris for New Year, or at any time of the year, here are a few things I found useful:

  • Save money by eating at the restaurants in the Disney village, and eat early on to avoid the queues.
  • Photopasses aren’t really worth the money unless you’re there for more than a couple of days – and you could always ask a member of staff, or the person behind you in the queue to take the photo for you.
  • If the queues for rides are long, take advantage of the free Fast Pass system.
  • To get a good view of the parade, get a spot on the top corners so you can see the floats coming up Main Street.
  • Wear comfy shoes, layers, and keep your bag light.
  • Pass time in queues by hunting for hidden Mickeys.
  • Save money on drinks by refilling water bottles.
  • If you need to take a shuttle bus in from your hotel, it’s worth getting up early to avoid being crammed in like sardines in a tin.
  • On NYE, there are more shuttle buses put on back to the hotels but if you don’t want to be stood in the cold, don’t waste any time getting to the bus stop. I waited around 50 minutes to get a bus back to the hotel and I was fairly swift out the park. Unfortunately it’s one of those things that can’t really be helped, but don’t take longer than necessary if you don’t want a huge wait.


What did you do for New Year’s Eve?


6 days in Paris & Disneyland – my itinerary

Sunset over the Eiffel Tower from Montparnasse Tower

We managed to pack a lot into 6 days in Paris, so here’s a quick overview of our itinerary. I’ll be doing individual posts about some of the things we did and places we saw, but for now, here’s a short look at everything we crammed into our stay in Paris and Disneyland. 

Moonrise over Paris


We got an early morning flight out from Birmingham to Charles de Gaulle, took a train into Paris city centre, and arrived at the Mecure Tour Eiffel for around 2pm.

On check in, we were told we’d received a free upgrade which was a wonderful way to start our holiday. We dropped our bags off, and headed straight out to the Eiffel Tower, which was just a few hundred meters away from the hotel. Tom was feeling energetic, so we walked half way up (the top was shut) the Eiffel Tower, and took in the moonrise over Paris, which was wonderful.

Afterwards, we strolled through the Champ De Mars and the Christmas markets, avoiding illegal street vendors selling roses, questionable bottles of win and light up Eiffel Towers.


Sunrise behind the Eiffel Tower, Paris


We had great intentions of getting up early on Monday morning to watch the sunrise behind the Eiffel Tower, but it didn’t happen. Happily, I discovered that when I pulled back the curtains at 08:20, the sun wasn’t quite up yet – I had completely forgotten about the one hour time difference between England and France.

Tom was showing no signs of getting up, so I grabbed my camera and raced to the Eiffel Tower to capture the sunrise –  I wasn’t the only one who had the same idea because there were quite a few photographers there. I’d forgotten just how stylish and photogenic Paris is.

Sacre Coeur

I went back to the hotel, dragged Tom out of bed and we stopped at one of the Christmas stalls on the Champs Elysee for breakfast before catching the metro out to Sacre-Coeur. While the building itself is a beautiful, and the view is breathtaking, our trip to Sacre-Coeur was tarnished by the sheer amount of scammers and scumbags around the site. There are a couple of paths that go up to the building, and there were groups of men trying to block the paths so that you’d have to interact with them. A couple of them tried to grab Tom’s wrist and tie a string bracelet around it (I think it’s so they then demand money for it), which was quite intimidating and we didn’t feel entirely relaxed there after that.

After a morning of walking, we did some more walking and went to the Hard Rock Cafe, which is a must wherever we go on holiday. In the afternoon, we went to Pere Lachaise, which is one of the most visited cemeteries in the world. Perhaps a cemetery is a morbid place to visit on your holiday, but I needed to see why so many people visited it.


Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Rose window


We got up early and caught the train to Notre Dame, which was well worth the early alarm because there was hardly anyone around, and it meant we didn’t have to wait too long to go up the tower. I will definitely do a separate post on our trip to Notre Dame, so all I will say for now is that it is breathtaking and definitely worth getting up early for.

We found a bakery near Notre Dame for lunch and then spent about an hour walking around Shakespeare and Co, which is basically heaven for bibliophiles.

View of Eiffel Tower at sunset from Montparnasse Tower

After that, we went to the Pantheon and explored the area around there a little before walking to Montparnasse Tower, which provided us with a beautiful 360 view of the sunset across Paris.


Statue of Liberty Paris


Check out was at noon, which gave us a couple of hours to find the Statue of Liberty and wrestle our cases shut. We caught the RER A out to Disneyland Paris and arrived at the Dream Castle Hotel for about 2pm.

Due to tickets costing around £70 per person, per day over Christmas, we only had tickets to the park for Thursday, so we spent Wednesday afternoon and evening exploring the Disney village, filling our faces in Planet Hollywood, and watching the new Star Wars film.


New Year's Eve at Disneyland Paris 2015 - 2016


The alarm went off at 6 on Thursday morning as we wanted to make the most out of our only day in the park. By 8am we were full on breakfast (crepes, duh) and were on the free shuttle bus into the park. The downside of being early was that we had to wait just under an hour for the park to open, but it was worth it to avoid an absolutely crammed shuttle bus later on in the morning.

Our first stop was to pick up a PhotoPass+; I thought it would be a good idea, but it actually turned out to be a big waste of money for us. Unless you can go on all the rides covered in the pass (some of them were shut when we went) or are there for more than a day – it’s not worth it. Mostly because Disney photographers aren’t present at all character meets, which I was really disappointed about when I found that out because that wasn’t made very clear. I’ll talk more about that in another post.

With the pass around my neck, we joined the queue to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who were decked out in festive attire. The queue wasn’t really that long but it took us well over an hour and a quarter to get our photo taken – mostly because people were taking the mickey (pun intended) having a family photo and then separate photos – I thought that was taking the mickey anyway.

The first ride we got around to going on was Space Mountain, which made us both feel far too old for roller coasters. We both got off looking green around the gills and took the next few hours easy. We watched a couple of parades and milled around until midnight where we rung 2016 in with fireworks at the castle.



We got back to the hotel around 2am in the morning and hastily rammed everything into our cases. It was another early morning to catch the TGV into CDG to get our lunch time flight home.


This is the second time I’ve been to Paris, and there are still things I’d like to go back and see – I always thing it’s nice to leave a city wanting more.

Where are you hoping to travel to this year?