Trying out Antipodes – are their products worth the hype?

Antipodes Rejoice Moisturiser, Reincarnation Exfoliator, Divine Facial Oil & Dragon Fruit Lipstick

I have known about Antipodes for years; I think I remember seeing some of their products pop up in one of Estee Lalonde’s empties videos (I love those). I was always so tempted but the price put me off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rolling around on a bed of cash or recreating the bath scene from the Look What You Made Me Do video with all my jewels. Since beginning to learn more about ethical and toxin-free products, I am happy to pay more for high quality, organic, ethically sourced ingredients and products.


Why did I buy from Antipodes?

I thought it would be interesting to include a section on why I think Antipodes meet my ethical and sustainable requirements.


Antipodes Reincarnation Facial Exfoliator

£20.99 for 75ml on LoveLula

I’m about to rattle on a fair bit about how good Antipodes products smell throughout this blog post but this exfoliator smells the best. It has a lovely orange scent which reminds me of those gummy Vitamin C “sweets” I used to have as a kid; it’s kinda making me crave them.

Reincarnation uses jojoba beads for exfoliation which makes it quite a gentle exfoliator; I saw another blogger refer to it more as a polish and I think that’s a pretty good comparison. I use it every morning and use a harsher scrub or exfoliating mask once a week and it’s kept my dry skin at bay pretty well. Combined with having a good moisturiser for the first time in a while and my skin is looking better than it ever has.

You really don’t need to use a lot; the old “pea sized amount” is appropriate here. I’ve had this tube for a little over a month now and have used it almost every day and there’s loads left. I think this will easily last me five or six months.


Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream & Divine Face Oil

£12.00 for mini versions of both on LoveLula

I’ve heard great things about the Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream so it was nice to be able to test a mini version because my skin can be so fussy when it comes to heavier moisturisers.

This smells delicious and is definitely a heavier moisturiser than Rejoice. It’s not too heavy at all, sinks in quickly, and doesn’t leave any kind of greasy feeling on your skin. I’ve been enjoying using it as a night cream and have found that it is really helping to hydrate my skin. Personally, I don’t think I will repurchase the Vanilla Pod cream because I am on a serious ‘try to be as vegan as I can be’ campaign at the moment, and I just don’t need to rub things with animal products on my face. When I’m out of this I think I’m going to try out their Immortal moisturiser with SPF 15.

The Divine Face Oil was the biggest surprise of this little lot for me. I know that oil absorbs oil, which is great, but I have really struggled to find a face oil that I like. And by that I mean one that sinks in quickly and doesn’t make you look like someone cooked a full English breakfast on your face. To my surprise, the face oil did just that and I’ve already repurchased a full size bottle.


Antipodes Rejoice Light Day Cream

Free on an offer, usually £25.99 on LoveLula

I could barely believe my timing when I saw LoveLula were offering a full size day cream as a freebie when you purchased two or more Antipodes products. Again, I can’t justify buying a full price item only for my skin to be angry with it, so it was nice to get to try out two Antipodes moisturisers for a fraction of the full size price.

The Rejoice day cream is, as the name suggests, very light (lighter than Vanilla Pod) but it doesn’t skimp on hydration at all. It sinks in quickly without leaving any kind of greasy or tacky feeling, and smells delicious. If you’re concerned about the price, a little bit goes a very long way. You just need the old “pea sized amount” and you should find that is plenty to leave your face feeling all kinds of fresh and moisturised.


Swatch of Antipodes Dragon Fruit Pink Lipstick

Antipodes Lipstick Dragon Fruit Pink

£19.99 for 4g on LoveLula

Since going cruelty free, I have been on the hunt for a dupe for my much loved Chatter Box by Mac, and I hadn’t really spotted anything which came close until I stumbled across Dragon Fruit Pink. Not only is Dragon Fruit cruelty free but it’s also toxin free, so I guess you could eat it if you really wanted.

The bullet is a slightly different shape to most lipsticks and I think this lends itself to easier application. It isn’t a creme kinda formula, like Mac’s Chatterbox, it’s a little bit drier but it does go on easily and doesn’t feel thick or drying on my lips. I’ve also being eyeing up this lipstick in shade Piha Beach Tangerine too.

In terms of lasting power, it does a pretty good job of lasting through eating and drinking. Like most lipsticks, and to my dismay, it won’t last all day long. That said, it’s really not going to disappear after a couple of hours of wearing it. I’ve found that it wears and fades evenly as well so it looks nice and it doesn’t look like it’s fading.

Applied as it is, straight onto your lips, it’s a lovely vibrant pink colour. I’ve been toning it down for work by applying some lip balm first to give a bit of colour that I can get away with.

I think it’s fairly clear to see from my fangirling that I do think Antipodes are worth the hype. I’m also very happy because I discovered a RealFoods store near us and it sells Antipodes; I don’t even need to order it online.

Have you ever tried Antipodes before? What did you think?


Lavera Exotic Body Wash & Lotion* – My Mum & I Review

Lavera exotic body wash and body lotion

The joint reviews my Mum and I have done before went down well, so we’re back at it today, reviewing Lavera’s Exotic Body Wash and Exotic Body Lotion. 


Lavera Exotic Body Wash 

What my Mum says: I recently tried these two products for the time and the first thing that struck me was the smell of summer holidays, which I always associate with anything that contains coconut. 

The shower gel really does smell of coconut and this clear gel is not too thick, although that does mean that if you don’t start to rub it on quickly, it does wash off before you get chance to use it. The gel goes on nicely with your hand or a scrubber without creating too much lather, which I like because that means that it doesn’t take much rinsing off. 

If you don’t use the body lotion afterwards the smell disappears quite quickly, but it does leave skin feeling very soft and smooth.


What I say: It’s a clear gel that lathers really well. For me, this has more of a vanilla scent that a coconut scent, not that it’s a bad thing. It reminds me of a really vanilla-ry cake mix, with a hint of coconut underneath. 

This is cruelty free, vegan, SLS and paraben free, and has no synthetic ingredients, so this is exactly what I’m looking for in beauty and skincare products now. 

At £6.45 for 200ml, it’s not the cheapest shower gel, but it’s definitely cheaper than LUSH’s £9.50 for 250ml. Lavera have a few other delicious sounding shower gels in their collection; I really want to try the rose one


Lavera Exotic Body Lotion 

What my Mum says: The Coconut body lotion smells more of vanilla than coconut so has a very sweet smell and is quite a thick cream, despite the label claiming that it is light. I tried this on damp skin and on dry skin and both times I found that no matter how little I used, it still took a lot of rubbing in, so don’t use this if you’re in a hurry get dressed. Once it finally soaks in and loses its tackiness, this cream does leave your skin really soft and smelling of coconut and vanilla.


What I say: This is a fairly thick lotion, but it absorbs quickly so you’re not stood around in the bathroom freezing for minutes while it soaks in. 

Like the shower gel, it has a very vanilla-ry scent with a little bit of coconut underneath. Putting this on reminds me of being on holiday and putting suncream on, which is never a bad thing. It’s nice to be momentarily transported from your bathroom to a beach somewhere. Though, it’s a little disappointing when you open your eyes. 

It’s not an overpowering or super strong smell, but every now and then you get a pleasant whiff of it. 

I’m terrible at remembering to put body lotion on, but I actually look forward to putting this on. It smells delicious, and it’s made my skin feel soft and taken away the dryness on my elbows and knees. 

As with the shower gel, it’s free of all nasty things like SLS and parabens. It’s also vegan and cruelty free, so it ticks all of my boxes. 


Would we recommend this?

My Mum: I would definitely use the shower gel, but not sure that I would bother with the body lotion as it was a little too thick and took too long to soak in and lose its stickiness, especially as the shower gel leaves skin soft and smooth on its own anyway.


Me: I would definitely buy both of these again, which says something as I don’t really show any loyalty towards shower products because there’s so many of them. I think I’d be more likely to by the body lotion again.


It’s interesting how mine and my Mum’s reviews differ slightly. For example, my Mum things the lotion takes too long to sink in, whereas I think it’s fairly quick. I suppose it’s in context to other products we’ve tried, and I imagine that skin type may also affect how fast it soaks in. 


What scents remind you of holidays? 

* I received a free sample in exchange for an honest review. 


InstaNatural Hyaluronic Acid Serum & Eye Gel *

I’ve got my cleansing routine nailed, but for the past few months I’ve felt my moisturising and skin care routine was lacking because my skin looked dull. 

InstaNatural got in touch to find out if I wanted to try their hyaluronic acid serum, and eye gel, and I jumped at the chance after discovering they were cruelty free, vegan, and use natural ingredients. 

I’ve been using both of these products twice a day for the past two weeks, and my skin looks much brighter than it did before, and feels much softer. 


InstaNatural Hyaluronic Acid Serum – £13.97 on Amazon

Many skin care adverts harp on about hyaluronic acid, and to be honest I always thought it was a gimmick so I’ve never really paid attention to it.

Before I began using the serum, I did a bit of research and discovered that it’s naturally present in the human body in eye and joint fluids. It has multiple uses from being a moisturiser to being used in eye surgery. The reason it’s in so many moisturising products is because it retains over 1000 times it’s weight in water in skin cells. 

As you can probably tell from the bottle, this serum comes with a dropper. It’s quite runny, so you only need around 4 – 5 drops to cover your face and your neck. 

It feels really light on skin, and dries quickly without leaving a sticky layer, so it’s easy to add into your existing routine. 

Since using it, my skin has looked much clearer, brighter, and it feels more hydrated than it has done. I noticed an improvement after a couple of uses, so I think this is something I will repurchase when I have used this bottle. 


InstaNatural Eye Gel – £14.95 for 50ml on Amazon

Along with the hyaluronic acid, I’ve been using an eye gel under my eyes and on my cheeks. You can use it on your whole face if you want, but as I use a moisturiser over the top, I’ve only been using the gel on areas where my skin is naturally drier. 

The gel is dispensed by a pump and like the the acid serum, you only need a small amount to give good coverage. It sinks in quickly, and doesn’t feel sticky, though I have found that if I use too much it can feel a little tacky.

Having never used a specific eye product before, I’ve really noticed an improvement after using the gel. The skin under my eyes feels softer and firmer, and looks brighter. 

I have got some fine lines around my eyes and they appear to be less noticeable after using this for a couple of weeks. 



I’ve been using the serum and the gel twice a day for the past couple of weeks, and I have noticed a definite improvement in my skin. It feels softer, is more hydrated, and looks brighter than it did before I started using it. 

I have combination skin which gets quite oily towards the end of the day, and I always worry about adding new products to my routine in case they make things worse. I found that these two products have actually helped to control the oiliness though. 

On a few occasions I’ve just worn the serum and gel and my skin felt great by the end of the day. Whereas if I just wore moisturiser, my skin would feel oily towards the end of the day – I think I need a better moisturiser to be fair. 

The two products also make a good base for makeup as well. 


My favourite thing about both of these products is that they’re cruelty free, vegan, and they’re not harsh on your skin at all. 

* I received both of these products in exchange for an honest review, this does not affect my opinion at all. 

Any recommendations for a combination / oily skin friendly moisturiser?